Tuesday, April 15, 2008

30 days of Outfits

I love love love to plan my outfits in advance. Every Sunday, I have a routine where I take a bubble bath, do my nails, and get myself ready for the week. I iron anything that needs ironing, and I lay out all of my outfits for the week, accessories and all. It's my favourite time of the week, a few hours just for me, with the house all to myself. Thanks to Tonia, I came across this Domino outfit planner for 30 days. I like it, although the outfits themselves don't really appeal to me, they're a little too erratic for my taste, my work environment requires that my outfits have a certain consistent level of professionalism...

What I did like was the thought of a 30-day capsule wardrobe, so I've broken it down into its constituent pieces:
  • 3 dresses {1 brown, 1 black, 1 print}
  • printed blazer
  • trenchcoat
  • 2 pairs of pants - khaki and black
  • 9 tops
  • 3 skirts
  • 2 scarves
  • 3 bracelets
  • 4 necklaces
  • 1 pair earrings - dangly
  • 4 belts
  • 3 bags - clutch, tote, shoulder bag
  • 6 pairs shoes - 5 heels, 1 flat

The great thing about this idea is that while it might seem like a small amount of clothes at first glance, if you really think about it, you probably only wear a certain number of your clothes in the first place. The only things missing from this for me are a pair of jeans, a white tshirt, and a black cardigan.

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Sara Christine said...

I love this list! I wear jeans and a sweater to work EVERY DAY, and am starting to think I need to mix it up a bit. This is perfect to get me started. Time to go shopping!!