Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Weekend Post-Mortem

This was a craaazy 5-day weekend for me, that was so much fun but so exhausting! I love Easter weekend though, it's always fun to have a long weekend with tons of treats!

Thursday, I spent the day running errands and cooking, in preparation for LB's little birthday party. I say little because I couldn't handle the thought of a big blowout in the new house, just not there yet, so we had about 16 people over for dinner, snacks, drinks, and cupcakes. Of course, I forgot to take pics because I was doing 6 million other things - but it was a night centred around LB's favourites: we had BBQ hot dogs and sausages, a make your own panini bar, lots of apps, and peanut butter cookie cupcakes.

Friday, we got up and I made LB Brazilian French Toast for his birthday brunch {when you have a husband who makes people brunch for a living, it's hard to top what LB can already make!} Luckily, the toast was beyond delicious, and we ate ourselves silly. A quick lunch with Daphna, then LB and I curled up and watched Southland Tales. Now, I love Donnie Darko oh so very much, but this one's a little too messed up for words. The most random cast ever, a frustrating ending, but we both still enjoyed it. We then headed to mom's for Good Friday baked beans and coleslaw {no meat - that's how Grandma always did it!} and had some family time, after which we all hunkered down and watched No Country for Old Men. I've read the book and watched the movie, and LOVE both.

Saturday, I got my hair cut. Much shorter than I wanted, but I like it. I think. Then we made all of our appetizers for the big dinner, and headed back to mom and dad's. Since we were 17 people, I made a veggie tray, a shrimp tray, pita and tzatziki, and this incredible cheese ball from Martha. I made half for Thurs and half for Saturday, and it was all gone. We ate turkey and BBQ lamb, and celebrated Mom and LB and Shiv's birthdays. LB and I even slept over at mom and dad's, just for fun.

While we slept, the Easter bunny came, so Sunday morning was filled with candy, but we managed to stop it while I made lemon ricotta pancakes for everyone. I added blueberries to the batch and highly recommend it. We watched Margot at the Wedding, a good but not great film by Noah Baumbach. If you loved the Squid and the Whale as much as I did, you might be a bit disappointed, but still in love. Jennifer Jason Leigh is incredible. Then I went home and napped a bit, and we all went cross country skiing for the evening.

Monday was the day to be tired. I puttered, cleaned, napped, and just generally recovered from the weekend. LB treated me to my favourite fajitas at Lone Star for dinner, and then we finished our discs from Season 2 of Big Love - I'm so addicted to that show it's not even funny!

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