Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Post Mortem: SNOW

That's all it did, all weekend, it snowed. Luckily, I managed to find ways of doing stuff in spite of it. Friday night, I got changed and dolled up at work, and headed over to the National Arts Centre, where I was MC at the 11th Annual MAPA Society Banquet. It was good times - great company, great guests, but since I had been sick all week, a night of speaking made me lose my voice fo sho. I spent all weekend in a scratchy voice that made people cringe. It snowed all night on Friday and Daphna was such a good date - she drove me home in the snow!

Saturday started bright and early. Laurin and I took advantage of a two-hour snow break and had pancakes at Perkins, followed by an hour of bargain shopping at Joe Fresh Style. We managed to come away with some good deals, and not too many repeats between us. Then the family called, and we decided to have a snow day all together, so LB and I hopped into the car armed with movies and treats, and headed over. We watched Eastern Promises, which was incredible, and a lot of bad tv, which wasn't so good. My dad spoiled us all with BBQ flank steak for dinner.

Then the snow got even worse. We couldn't even get up our street on Saturday night, we had to dig some people out in order to get into our driveway. By the time we woke up on Sunday morning, it had snowed a total of 56cm {22"} and everything was blocked! I spent most of the day in the house, puttering, but did manage to trudge to the grocery store and LB and I had fun shovelling together. I've been craving nachos, so we rewarded our hard work with a warm plate of nachos and watched The Englishman's Boy, based on the Guy Vanderhage novel we loved.

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