Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend Post-Mortem: Double the Curd!

Phew! This was one of those weekends that you love to have, but are pooped when it's over! Friday night started out incredibly, I got to leave work before 5pm {4:45 thank you!} and headed over to my folks' place for my aunt's famous perogies and cabbage rolls! We had an incredible evening, made even more so by the fact that Kristie and Eric brought their new little daughter, Cheyenne. {And of course I forgot my camera! oops!}

Saturday was perfect. Breakfast of incredible scones from the Scone Witch {with non-homemade lemon curd, unfortunately!}, followed by a cleaning blitz, errands, nap time, and then a big engagement party for our friends Kieran and Erin! {And I once again forgot the camera! I'm terrible about snaps...}

Sunday, I was bribed, I fully admit it. LB woke me up at 8 and promised that if I got up, he would bring me to work and make me the special, lemon-ricotta pancakes...with lemon curd! What do you THINK I did? I dressed in a flash and ate those pancakes! And boy, were they ever incredible! Don't bother making them at home, if you're in Ottawa, just head down to Stoneface Dolly's! After a lovely {and much needed!} walk home, I then did all of my prep for the week, and headed out again. It was so sunny, I walked for an hour, soaking it in... Sandra had invited Anne and I over for the second in our series of movies and treats! Yesterday's flicks were Being John Malkovich and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. I hadn't seen either, and was so pleased with both. Liz Taylor and Paul Newman have to be two of the most beautiful human beings on the planet, circa 1958. We had some delightful snacks, some good gossip, and made it home in time for steak and curling on TV with my man. Such a Canadian evening- Alberta beef and the Brier...

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