Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend Post-Mortem

Another nice and mellow weekend in our neck of the woods. I think that it's the never ending snow and cold, but we just don't feel like doing all kinds of stuff on the weekends. Friday, I picked LB up at work and he made me a yummy sandwich, and I hung out for a while. There happened to be an extra piece of chocolate cake left, so I took one for the team and ate it. WOW! On our way home, we decided to make it a movie night, so we picked up Across the Universe and Gone Baby Gone. I liked both a lot, but apparently Across the Universe isn't that great if you're not a huge Beatles fan, or if you really like plot development. {LB is both of these things} However, we both absolutely adored Gone Baby Gone. Ben Affleck should really stick to the writing/directing, he's aces at that. His brother, Casey, looks eerily like Malcolm in the Middle would at 30.

Saturday we bundled up and went for a long walk to run all of our errands. It was nice and sunny, perfect winter weather. LB then went to the hockey game with the boys, I went to visit Laurin, and just hung out.

Sunday we went skating on the canal at 8am. There was no one out, it was sunny, a little piece of heaven. I then met Daphna for the best cappuccinos in Ottawa at the Pasticceria Gelateria on Preston street. We caught up, looked at her fabulous wedding shots, and just had some girly time. Sunday night was dinner at my folks with their friends, and we ended up just talking for over 5 hours. No tv, no games, no movies, just tons of laughs. A great way to end the weekend!

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