Friday, February 15, 2008

Lalalalove Mix

I decided to take some time and make a Valentine's playlist for my man yesterday. Now, these songs are not all super romantic or even very quiet and lovely, but they are songs that are special to us, and just great tunes. I made it about 90 minutes long so that we could listen to it while we made dinner as well...
  • Let's Do It {Let's Fall in Love}, Alanis Morisette
  • Think I'm in Love, Beck
  • Lover's Spit, Broken Social Scene
  • That Teenage Feeling, Neko Case
  • You're the One, the Black Keys
  • Tire Swing, Kimya Dawson
  • La monogamie, Malajube
  • Crown of Love, Arcade Fire
  • I Feel it All, Feist
  • Hotel Yorba, the White Stripes
  • Red Line, the Broadways
  • Kite Flying Society, Mark Mothersbaugh {from Rushmore, I walked down the aisle to this song}
  • Don't Fail me Now, Jim Bryson
  • Anyone Else But You, the Mouldy Peaches
  • On to You, the Constantines
  • The Bleeding Heart Show, the New Pornographers
  • We Looked Like Giants, Death Cab for Cutie
  • The Greatest, Cat Power { I know it's not at all romantic, just very great}
  • Beautiful, Belle and Sebastien
  • Bells On, Sloan
  • No Rain, live version by Jane's Addiction {we exited our wedding to the Blind Melon version of this song}
  • The Ring, Sarah Harmer
  • Berkley Pier, Tilt {the very very very first song we ever kissed to, 91/2 years ago!}
  • My Favourite Chords, the Weakerthans {our wedding dance}
  • Across the Universe, the Beatles
  • Superstar, Sonic Youth {in my humble opinion, the best cover song ever done}
LB and I had to laugh partway through dinner. We're indie/punk kids who fell in love, went to school, got jobs, got a house, and although we have all of these "grown up" things, we are still those indie/punk kids at heart and never want to be anything else. It does make for slim pickins when you're trying to make a romantic mix though...

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tara said...

Yay for mixes!!!! I'm posting my playlist from last night's anti-valentine's day show probably later tonight. We should put them together like an A side and a B side, love/hate!

music = awesome!!