Friday, January 25, 2008

Petunia Pickle Bottom

I had to go and buy a baby gift for a third baby arriving in February {so hard to buy for the third!!!!} and went to some of the great new baby boutiques in our neighbourhood, red chair kids and fab baby gear. Now, I don't really go to kids' stores, ever, so of course I was in awe of all of the lovely and stylish things that exist for mums, dads and babies. I couldn't get enough of this diaper bag, even the name is fab - Petunia Pickle Bottom!!! They had even nicer ones in the store than online, but they are also highly functional - backpack straps, a long strap that can go cross-body, and a roll-out change pad. My mum was in shock at how great everything was - she was upset that they hadn't had such nice baby accessories when she had us...

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