Friday, January 25, 2008

Cashmere Mafia

I finally watched it, and MEH. I am a huge SATC fan, and was shocked by the blatant stealing of storylines, character types, actors {two of the guys in that episode were both on SATC, including Tony from Prada as Gerard, and the other was the guy who went to Yale that Charlotte was set up with my the bubbies} and to me the high/low light was when Lucy Liu walked along the street to her brownstone wearing an outfit similar to many of Carrie's, with the same hair, makeup and earrings that she had in the same spot when returning home with Big after their attempt to be friends {Season four, episode 2, methinks}.

I will say that Lucy Liu is incredible, and her clothes are jaw-dropping. I will probably watch again, but only for the clothes, not the stories.

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