Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Gum Thief

I am a huge Douglas Coupland fan. I've read all of his books, gone to all of his Ottawa readings, Microserfs is by far my favourite, but they all have a special place in my heart. Douglas Coupland even ended up playing a role in an ongoing fight between LB, Liam, Daphna, Adam and I about the spelling and etymology of "Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots"...

I started the Gum Thief yesterday, and I'm almost finished. WOW. I can't say enough good stuff. Maybe I'm just at a point in my life where I'm highly receptive to this work, but it is striking chords with me in a way that no Coupland novel has done in a while...

Comfort Food

I've been off work for the past week and will be off for a few more days. I've been under the weather off and on for quite some time, and I have some sick leave banked, so I decided to follow my doctor's advice {for once!} and take some time to really get better. I'm trying to do only a few things each day in order to avoid overdoing things, and am taking advantage of the opportunity to cook delish dinners, like this sweet potato and leek pasta from Real Simple. I highly recommend it, and LB does too!

Monday, January 28, 2008


I like these to make your home feel springy, even if it is decidedly un-springy outside...

Weekend Post-Mortem

It was a pretty decent weekend over in our neck of the woods. We started Friday with a trip to Rapt, this great little paper/cards/gifties store on Preston street, where I scored two green glass cake stands for a total of $12! Then we walked over to Aunt Olive's, because I've been feeling as though I'm the only girl in Ottawa who hasn't been there, where FATE struck. If you recall, I lamented losing my mum's cowboy boots that she gave me that she had bought when I was but a wee lass. Somehow, they got given to charity {lesson: never put your repair pile next to your donation pile and then get snarky with your husband to take it all out- because he will.}
and they ended up on sale alongside all of the other fabulous vintage boots on sale at Aunt Olive's. I didn't even care that they were a ridiculous $50, I just NEEDED to have them back. We then headed to Chez Lucien for some great drinks, food and company with Mike and Andrew. We'll miss you Mike, sniff sniff, but we'll come to Edinburgh!!!!

Saturday, I went to Joe, and picked up a few cute springy things, including the great blue and cream skirt below, then treated myself to a coffee and almond croissant at Bridgehead. I then hit this great new furniture store, the White Monkey, with Laurin, and once again almost bought the Starck ghost chair. But I resisted, still not sure why... We painted her dining room, and then after dropping LB off for Adam's bachelor party, we headed to Daphna's for our evening of indentured servitude {also known as wedding prep!} we had a great evening, tons of laughs, great food, and everything looks so great for their wedding my heart almost burst. I'm so happy for them, and I'm even happier to be in their wedding!

Sunday we let the boys sleep in and hit Thyme and Again for coffee and scones. Some light cleaning, and then LB and I hit the canal for our first skate of the season! Dinner with LB's folks, a nice walk home, and an early bedtime rounded everything out nicely...

Friday, January 25, 2008

Paris, je t'aime a jamais

I finally watched it last night. I've been living in a hole, apparently. I missed it at the cinema, and keep meaning to rent it, but it hasn't worked out. Continuing our French movie week, we watched it last night and I was smitten. The Coen brothers' tribute was hilarious, the features with Catalina Sandino Moreno and Juliette Binoche broke my heart, the vampire love story made me laugh, and the rest made me miss Paris so much. It's been almost a year since I was last there, and I can't wait to get back!

One More

Okay, you can "sling" me up for so many baby posts {and bad puns!} but I also wanted to share my favourite baby sling source. Tara told me about Pippalily last summer, and I find myself checking it out occasionally. I love the fabrics, they meld fashion and function. I also like that you could go for a very plain monochromatic post-baby wardrobe and wear a fun printed sling to dress things up! I don't know anything about these particulars of baby life, but I hear that babies and slings go together like Kaili and handbags!


I got the new issue of Wish mag yesterday and I'm very impressed. They've cleaned up their cover design, streamlined the font and titles, and made it a much more appealing magazine to look at. I was particularly impressed by their story on what pieces to buy, which to keep in rotation, and which to store until the next time around; the 20-minute meal recipes; and the piece on entry way organization/maximization. I'm glad that I decided to renew my subscription, and it's really nice to be able to read a magazine with all Canadian sourcing - when I covet something, I can actually get it!

Shades of Sun

Banana Republic has introduced a lovely collection of sunglasses, and good news: we Canadians are getting them too! In Ottawa, the Rideau Centre location will be carrying them, although they cold not confirm whether the men's store would have them as well {sorry boys!}. But the women's are lovely, and they are reasonably priced in the way that ridiculously over-priced pieces of plastic can be reasonable {says the girl with KS glasses in her bag}. These Doris sunglasses are really making me happy - so 70s glam in the shade, but in a very classic shape. The best of both worlds. They make me want to put on a caftan and hang out with Halston, while reading Love Story again.

Vielle Marine

There's nothing that I love more than a nice safari jacket, and at the price, this one from Old Navy ain't that bad. Pair it with some white trousers, a black pencil skirt, jeans, walking shorts, over a dress, it's a great way to make a skimpy sundress office appropriate, or to help transition a winter piece into summer. You could always tie on a filmy scarf and throw these fun polka dot flats on to round things out!

Spring Heels

I love these Miss Sixty shoes {can't find them in white, but you get the idea}. They make me want to put on a big full skirt and go prancing along the sidewalk.

Green and Cute

I love this idea from Martha. So many of these shopper totes all look the same {remember the I'm Not a Plastic Bag craze?} and turning a tshirt into a shopper tote is a great way to use those old tshirts that mean something but that don't work in your wardrobe anymore. LB and I kept a bunch of punk band ts, and didn't really know why/what to do with them, but as always, Martha to the rescue! Plus, this way I can go and buy my groceries in our trendy burg while carrying a Sleater-Kinney shopping bag, or one with a Down by Law logo on it. It makes me smile.

New Stroller

Final baby-related post of the day, but I'm still shocked by how cute everything is! kate spade has released their second Maclaren stroller collaboration, the Biarritz. It's so chic and French, reminiscent of perfect little petit bateau shirts and well-dressed families we saw everywhere in Paris - how DO they do it? And they are the same price as other Maclaren strollers, so it's a purchase that you would have to make anyways, non?

Cashmere Mafia

I finally watched it, and MEH. I am a huge SATC fan, and was shocked by the blatant stealing of storylines, character types, actors {two of the guys in that episode were both on SATC, including Tony from Prada as Gerard, and the other was the guy who went to Yale that Charlotte was set up with my the bubbies} and to me the high/low light was when Lucy Liu walked along the street to her brownstone wearing an outfit similar to many of Carrie's, with the same hair, makeup and earrings that she had in the same spot when returning home with Big after their attempt to be friends {Season four, episode 2, methinks}.

I will say that Lucy Liu is incredible, and her clothes are jaw-dropping. I will probably watch again, but only for the clothes, not the stories.

My new friend Sophie

This is what I actually chose for a baby gift yesterday, and I highly recommend one. They are apparently so popular that they cannot keep them in stock - people buy them by the half dozen. Sophie the Giraffe is made in France {so she must be great!} is non toxic, and is the cutest teething toy I've ever seen!

Petunia Pickle Bottom

I had to go and buy a baby gift for a third baby arriving in February {so hard to buy for the third!!!!} and went to some of the great new baby boutiques in our neighbourhood, red chair kids and fab baby gear. Now, I don't really go to kids' stores, ever, so of course I was in awe of all of the lovely and stylish things that exist for mums, dads and babies. I couldn't get enough of this diaper bag, even the name is fab - Petunia Pickle Bottom!!! They had even nicer ones in the store than online, but they are also highly functional - backpack straps, a long strap that can go cross-body, and a roll-out change pad. My mum was in shock at how great everything was - she was upset that they hadn't had such nice baby accessories when she had us...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


One of the best days of my life was the day that the doctor told me that I needed glasses. I've always wanted glasses, and it was quite an exciting moment for me. I've never once considered contacts. However, I have a weird prescription/coating combo so can only wear mine, and not just pick up those magnifying readers that you can get in drug stores or dollar stores. And as of today, at kate spade. I'm actually kinda jealous of mom and dad right now...

Style from A to Zoe

I "read" it recently. Don't waste your money. I'd say don't waste your time, but it only took me 45 minutes and wasn't so painful. Get it from your library. If you are a huge Rachel Zoe fan, then this is not the post for you. I won't even BEGIN to discuss my dislike of the celebrity stylist - the whole thing about being a stylist is being behind the scenes! and the rumours about drugs and starving among "rachel's girls" - but the book has some value. Good lists in terms of setting up the basics of a jewellery box, good wardrobe bones, and vintage shopping. But mostly it is a narcissistic exercise and while I usually love to see how other people organize their clothes and homes {I am, after all, a blogger, non?} this book left me with a "I'm better than you" taste in my mouth, whereas other books in the vein inspire me to try something and reconsider why I do things certain ways. Oh well, potay-to, potah-to...

Ladies Who Brunch: Westboro Edition

In an attempt to convince myself that life after living downtown does in fact exist, I hosted my ladies over for brunch on Sunday. We have a small group who gets together for coffee, bacon and gossip every month or so, it's a nice way to check in a catch up, sans the boys. I decided to bribe them to make the trip from downtown {all 6km of it!} by whipping up my favourite brunch menu from an old issue of Rachael Ray. The menu included:
We had a blast - it was so great to have everyone over! Here's what the buffet looked like before everyone arrived:
And since I've promised before and have yet to deliver, here's our living room. It's my favourite place in the house, it makes me happy to be in here. I'll share more soon, I promise {and yes, that is a kate spade purse in my fireplace as part of my decor- when you've got a lot you've got to find ways to use them!}!

Keep Those Records Playing

The new Cat Power record came out yesterday - go and get it! Even if you're not a die-hard Cat Power fan like Lb and I, I think that this record will find a way to sneak into your psyche. It is an album of covers of her choosing, and while I've only heard her cover of old blue eyes' New York, New York, that alone made it worthwhile for me. She also did a cover of The House of the Rising Sun that blew us away a few years ago...that voice just gets under your skin and stays there. I could see us snuggling up with a bottle of wine, a cheese fondue, and letting Cat Power be the soundtrack to the night.

La Vie en Rose

I'm trying to take it easy, slow down and learn to relax. Part of that meant a lovely Saturday night at home on the couch with my hubby and some homemade pizza and garlic bread, watching Marion Cotillard's tour de force performance as Edith Piaf {la Mome Piaf} in La Vie en Rose. What a fabulous performance! She's a one-woman movie, but the rest of it is so well done that it's almost a shame that her performance is so good, but she makes the others around her better because of it. You see a Paris that you don't always see in movies, not everyone is shopping at Chanel, life is hard, and people have to just get by. I hadn't realized what a hard life Edith Piaf lived, she was a true star...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


My obsession with small spaces continues. I LOVE Rashida Jones' apartment, featured in the current issue of Domino. Not too fussy, just the right amount of stuff, decorative and otherwise. I really liked the whole clutter-free but not "stuff"-free approach to the current issue. It's a realistic look at how people actually live, and not just a bare existence that ceases the moment the camera is turned off...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Organize-a-go go!

If you know me at all, or read this blog with any sort of regularity, you'll know that there's nothing that I love more than being organized. I thrive on it, I spend my days daydreaming about better ways of doing things, it's a real passion of mine. One of the things I dislike about Canadian shopping is our lack of a Container Store. But it's probably a good thing, since I'd be buying things like mad. however, we Ottawans now have our own giant organizing store, Solutions. I was there on Saturday, I dragged my mom around for almost two hours before deciding what to purchase. I was very restrained, and only bought what I actually needed for the house.

Glowing Complexion

Friday, I was in need of a little pick me up. So I went to the fabulous new Benefit counter at the Bay on Rideau, had my brows done, and got a few things to make me all glowy and happy on the outside. I picked up the Powder Pop kit, three fabulous blushy powders that you can mix and match to get that perfect glow, and the Valley of the Stars, a mini iridescence kit. They are small and fit in a compact little makeup case, and make me feel like a shiny happy gal.

{Image from benefit}

Lovely Office

For your Monday morning. It always makes my work day better if I have lovely things to help me accomplish my tasks.

The fabulous Tara sent these my way, and they would be perfect, but need to be complemented by a few other great desk-ccessories.

They need a nice home, like this vintage wire inbox, or the wire file stand.

Oh Joe!

The first pictures from the Joe Fresh Style spring collection are up on the site and wow am I ever excited! Lovely gingham blouses, beautiful classic trench, colour blocked heels, it's going to be tough to only buy what I NEED and not everything that I WANT. Time to start haunting the superstore until I have tried on everything that I love.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Mean case of the Blahs

Not much to do but wish you all a happy Friday. I'm no fun today, so I'm not going to post much. A few fun things underway this weekend that might lead to a better mood:

  • Dinner with Julie at the Gastropub tonight
  • Wedding dress fitting with Daphna
  • Amateur wrestling match with the ring announcer being my dear friend Tony
  • Ladies Who Brunch: Westboro Edition at my house this weekend

I leave you with our Maddy cat, the most contended cat in the world. To have a day like hers would be bliss...

The Doctor is in

I love pop. I have a big weakness for diet pop in general, and try to restrict my consumption to one can of diet pepsi a day. But my particular weakness is the freak pops, the ones that no sensible 27-year old should be drinking, like diet cream soda, diet dr pepper, and the experimental ones. Any time that a new flavour gets test marketed, I have to be the first to try it- Vanilla diet coke, lemon diet coke, the various disgusting flavours of pepsi jazz, and my personal favourites, the diet dr. pepper experiments - berries and creme, cherry vanilla and yesterday, I found a new love: the chocolate cherry diet dr pepper. It actually tastes like chocolate and cherries- get it whilst you can! Oh, I know that it will probably kill me. It's full of chemicals, colours, dyes, and deliciousness.


And just for a bit of trivia, Dr Pepper was created in Waco, Texas in 1885 and is the "oldest major soft drink brand in America." That was a good day.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Gadgety Goodness

I am a sucker for kitchen gizmos and gadgets. I love them, I was even a Pampered Chef consultant for a while! I saw this in the new issue of Real Simple {really good one, btw} and had to look it up. I love peanut butter, but hate to buy the natural one because of the mixing and separating and general unpleasantness that ensues on my part. This gadget from Lehman's would solve that problem nicely, while also satiating my desire for gadgets...

Natural Peanut Butter Mixer

Blue Plate Special

Last night, LB and I decided to run away fort he night and go out for dinner. Having a great selection of gift cards to choose from {thank generous family and friends!}, we decided to try The Diner, in part because it is so close to home, in part because I felt like some comfort food. We both loved it. LB had eaten there before, to mixed reviews, but we had a great time. I had the meatloaf - a well-seasoned recipe, with tasty gravy {but not too much} and delish garlic mashed potatoes and green beans. LB had the giant hot dog and fresh onion rings. For dessert we shared an incredible rice pudding and indulged in a $0.99 cappuccino. Highly recommend the Diner, we decided that it would be a nice place to pop in for just a coffee and dessert sometime as well.

Love with a side of sarcasm

Valentine's day is approaching, and while we don't really celebrate the day {ahem, not my choice}, we usually do exchange a note/card and make a nice dinner. This card says it all. Check out the other fabulously irreverent stationary from 16 sparrows. {Warning: some of the cards have some swears on them!} They are also trying to bring back the art of letter writing, they even have a club and all!

Classic CM

When I was in junior high, Club Monaco was IT. Then, grade 9 hit, and I wore only clothes from thrift stores and shirts from punk shows. Then when I started dressing nicer again, Club Monaco was going through a bit of a blah phase. They have really picked it up the past few seasons, and when I saw this picture, I almost gasped. This is what they are best at, great classic pieces, clean lines, with a touch of high fashion and a touch of irreverence. I'm very glad to see them going back to their roots. I'm dying for the blazer, but they sold out in a week in my local store, so I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I hate most door pulls/knobs, etc...I've been having a hard time finding some to replace the various hardware that I don't like in our house. Thanks to the lovely Grace at Design*Sponge, I was able to locate these great coral ones from Anthro. I thought that they would be perfectly lovely in my upstairs bath, but unfortunately the shipping costs of $36.95 to Canada just don't seem worth it for 2 $6 fixtures. Hopefully they'll still have them when I go to Boston this spring...

Bad Days

I've been having a bad day since yesterday- I don't know why, but I'm trying to shake it, I swear. I decided to go for an "angry walk" yesterday after work to get it out of my system, and ended up, as usual, at trustfund, for some retail therapy. Since I'm not adding to my wardrobe, I didn't do any major damage, but I did pick up this fun top from Primp for casual wear, and a bright yellow pair of Hunter Welly Warmers for inside all of my boots. They are so cozy and fleecy warm, and even have the fab Hunter logo on them and everything. It helped for a while, Stewart and Stephanie cheered me up and shared their milkshakes with me - they're the best! And going home and putting on a shirt with whales on it sure helped to keep my spirits up...Although bad mood persists...apologies if I'm snarky with any of you.

PRIMP Whale Crew Neck Thermal

Cyclin' in Style

Since the move, my commute to work has extended beyond a 10-minute walk. I now have to take a bus for approx 25 minutes. But once the snow is gone, I'll be hitting the bike paths and cycling the 6.1km to the office. I have a perfectly serviceable bike, but I can't help but think that my wicker basket would look much better on this baby. Imagine me gliding to work in a lovely full skirt, purse tucked into wicker would be a dream!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Jordan posted about these lovely calling cards from Papersource today. I thought they were cute, but didn't see myself placing an order just for them. But as luck would have it, the fabulous Daphna just emailed me asking if I needed anything from PS as she was about to place an order. I thought that these were too cute to pass up, so I had her order me some. I can now be a lady who lunches and leaves her calling card behind...
Give Me A Buzz

Travel dreams

As we move into the dog days of winter and look to spring and beyond, I start to dream about travel. We've been very fortunate over the past two years to get some incredible trips: Brazil, Paris {twice!}, New York, British Columbia, and many small trips in the region as well. This year, we are going to take it easy, since we don't have much $ after buying the house, but also because we want to learn to appreciate our house and take it easy. I am however determined to make it to London this May to visit Shannon and Liam {who will have moved there by then, much to her delight and my dismay} and am already scouting trips and flights and thinking about the perfect chic London wardrobe....Sigh.

A colleague of mine just informed me that he and his fiancé are headed to India for a month. I wish that LB and I had the guts to do something like that.

Yoga Dress?

Now I love love love lululemon. Before we had a store in Ottawa, I used to drive to Toronto in order to get their fabulous workout and lounge wear. And I'm always willing to pay for it, because the quality is there, the design is terrific, and the staff are always friendly and helpful. But I have to question some of their designs, like this dress. Apparently I'm going to want to wear it everywhere. Really?
Ananda Dress
On the plus side, this classy jacket looks like something that I could wear in a variety of locales, and that would help to transition my gym attire into I'm running an errand and taking the bus back from the gym attire. I'm hoping that it comes in a different colour though.
Classy Jacket

Since I'm on the subject

I haven't been impressed with a BR collection in a while, but as you've probably guessed, this pre-spring collection is really knockin' my socks off. I love this bag, so kicky and fun, ready to transition your black winter coat into a happier and warmer time...It looks even better in person.

More skirts

I love this skirt. Laurin bought it last week and it looks fab. Every woman should have a great black and white print skirt in her wardrobe. {I'm wearing mine today!}


I'm a sucker for a great wrap dress. They really become a staple in any wardrobe, but I find it hard to find ones that I like enough to wear a lot. I also have a big problem with the DVF wrap dresses because they tend to expose a lot more than I'm comfortable sharing... Methinks that this one from BR might do the trick quite nicely, and transition well between work and play. Navy

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Dear readers, you help keep me honest, I can't lie to you. For as long as I can remember, I've wanted a kitchenaid mixer, but LB has never been able to bring himself to agree with me. He claims that I'll never use it, etc, etc... However, i know myself and my kitchen habits, and know that it would be a very welcome addition, especially in a lovely shade of red. So, a deal has been struck. Because my weakness is jujubes, specifically super soft and delicious Darejubes. They are so good, but they are horrible for my teeth, and nothing but empty calories, high-fructose corn syrup and artificial colours and flavours. LB has promised that if I go until my birthday {in 6 months} without jujubes, then the mixer is mine. It'll be good for me, I need to kick the candy habit... I apologize in advance if I'm cranky, I'm told that withdrawal is tough. Telling you will help to keep me honest. And no, I can't just start eating another candy like Swedish Berries instead. I'm going cold turkey.

Nice Gams

In honour of my attempts to pare down my wardrobe and make better wear of what I already have, I bought two nice pairs of tights this weekend to help better match everything together. And I splurged, treating myself to two pairs of Wolford tights at Brachic, one of the best things about my new neighbourhood. I've been resisting them thus far, but I finally cracked. Winter is long, I wear skirts an average of 6 days a week, and my legs deserve a treat. And what a treat they are! I bought one pair in the Mat opaque {in mocca}, and the other in Velvet deluxe {black}. Although pricey, the quality is unparalleled. The other thing that I am debating is a pair of the Arrow tights in a lovely mossy green {I can't find a Canadian link, they are far more expensive in Australia!} . I am hoping to get them as a reward if I stick to my reduced wardrobe.

Weekend Post-Mortem

Well, it was not too busy, and I'm finally {!!!!} starting to feel like myself again! Friday night, I met Lori for a drink, and then we all had dinner together at Johnny Farina's {nothing to write about, I assure you} and then we headed to the NAC to see the new production of Macbeth. Our friend Rob invited Lori, Marco, LB and I to join him and we had a blast. The staging was a bit bizarre - Macbeth but in a WWII kind of setting, with the witches portrayed by concentration camp-esque children, and everyone wearing military ensembles, but it was generally well-acted and it was nice to do something different and get a little culture and get dressed up on a Friday night, instead of my usual What Not to Wear and jujubes.

Saturday, I was up early, ran a bunch of errands, showed my dad how to use itunes, made some chili, and then embarked on a mega closet re-org to accommodate the scaled-down wardrobe I posted about Friday. I'm so happy with how my closet looks, so organised and pretty. I can see all of my clothes, and love everything that's hanging there. Saturday night we headed to Paul and Amber's for chili and hockey, and then headed to the movies.

Sunday was quiet. I had a lovely walk to work with LB, it was cold and sunny, and we admired all of the gorgeous houses. Mom, dad and Liam came to meet me at Stoneface Dolly's for brunch, and LB made us some fabulous brekkies... I spent the rest of the day housecleaning, catching up on some work that I didn't finish last week at the office, and then taking care of myself. A nice weekend, the kind that I could use more often!


I opened the mailbox with mixed feelings the other day...I was excited to get the new issues of Domino and Blueprint, but was sad since it was Blueprint's swan song. Let's start with the good. I loved the issue of Domino, I thought that it was filled with well-written, good January articles, and loved the section on how to better organise certain areas in the home. I loved the mail command centre in the kitchen, and am dying to find a silver toast rack to separate my mail, and Cynthia Kling's piece on organizing books was funny and helpful . The colours, the look, the feel, it was a pretty spot-on issue. Now for the bad. On the Domino side, I was sad to see that the "Muse Marion" column was missing, and I hope that she's not gone....And as for Blueprint, it was anticlimactic at best. I had hoped that it would be full of great stuff, the cover looked fab, but to say that I was disappointed is putting it mildly. I wish that they had been given the chance to put together a farewell issue, I am sure that they had a billion great ideas that they could have crammed into a final salut... I'm going to pick up the new issue of Organize and keep my fingers crossed...

Cleaning Caddy

In the new house, I have about 2.5 times the area to clean. Now, I love to clean my house, I love cleaning products, and I love organising them. In the apartment though, I tended to keep my bathroom cleaning products in the bathroom, Pledge in the living room, etc. Since I generally only needed to use a particular product in one smaller space, I didn't have a big centralised space {nor did I have the room to do so}. In order to make things a bit easier and to keep my cleaning routine as efficient as possible, I have set up my lovely French cleaning caddy that Shannon bought me for my bridal shower with everything that I might need. In it, you will find:

This way, I load up the caddy, head upstairs with my dustmop, and work my way down. I never have to search for anything, and it's done quite quickly.

Ps I didn't Hate It

In the spirit of going with the flow and having a fun girls' night on Saturday, I went to see PS I Love You, a movie in which I had no interest, starring an actress whom I cannot stand. I still can't believe that Hilary Swank has two Oscars while Julianne Moore has zero. Oh well. Anyways, I actually didn't hate the movie. It's ridiculous, implausible, cheesy, blah blah blah, but the supporting cast is really good, which makes the movie far more bearable- Lisa Kudrow, Gina Gershon, Kathy Bates, the guy who played Denny on Gray's Anatomy. What really did it for me though were the outfits and the apartment. Her clothes was phenomenal, perfectly styled, although the headband is not the most flattering look on Hilary Swank ever. Great shoes {although I was not a fan of her designs in the movie}, lots of good accessories, and a fabulous black trench coat with a pleated behind. {Of course I can't find great shots of just the clothes and the apartment, but you get the idea. Everything was impeccably styled.}

Friday, January 11, 2008

I Might Be Crazy...

Or crazy like a fox! In order to meet my goal of getting my wardrobe in order/streamlining my look, I just made a rash decision. I'm going to pack up a bunch of my fall/winter clothes in a box and see if I miss them at all over the next two months. If I don't, then it's off to charity/consignment/ friends with them! {NB - I have not included dress up clothes in this, that's a whole other battle}

I'm going down to:
  • 4 pairs of pants {including 2 jeans}
  • 8 skirts {including 1 jean skirt for casual}
  • 7 tshirts {mostly l/s tees}
  • 6 blazers
  • 6 dresses
  • 14 sweaters {down from 31}
  • 5 bags
  • 7 jackets {excluding sport-specific jackets, like my ski jacket which I never wear}
  • 8 pairs of shoes
  • 2 pairs of boots

Then, I will repeat said experiment in the spring when I unpack those boxes…EEK! I'll report back and keep you posted on the progress. If I'm ripping open those boxes in two days, then I'll know that I didn't make the right choices. Otherwise, I could be sitting pretty!

Happy Friday!

It's Friday and I couldn't be happier! I'm still not feeling very well, but can at least get out of bed now, so I'm going to try and take it easy this weekend. Some good stuff in the works though:
  • Dinner with friends and Macbeth at the National Arts Centre
  • Hockey game and chili with friends on Saturday night
  • Maybe catching a cheesy movie with my girlfriends
  • Brunch with my family
  • Getting back on track with my knitting
  • Setting up the corner of my living room that my new table will live in

I hope that you all make the best of this ridiculous January rain {wha?} and have a superb weekend!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Pictures like this are my idea of "naughty pictures". I am fonder of nothing more than a wonderfully organized picture of a clean space where everything's tucked away where it belongs. I see this picture though and I immediately start to worry. What if I got tired of carrying my Chanel everyday {and I do have two, and yes I do get tired of carrying them all the time}? What if I want to change my boots? My twelve million jackets? And that's when I remember why we bought a house and not a super chic minimalist flat. I am in no way a minimalist, but I'll venture that I'm sometimes chic. {From Domino}

organizing inspirations

Meal Planner

Thanks to Apartment Therapy's ohdeedoh {? I thought that the term "nursery" summed it up quite accurately}, I found this fabulous little meal planner from futuregirl. I love love love to plan, I could plan all day - if only someone would pay me to organize their life! This chart marries my love of planning with my need for whimsy. She's offering free pdf downloads, if you're so inclined...


I have longed for a tulip table for many years. Oh, how I've longed...When IKEA introduced its Docksta table, I thought that I was set and showed LB with glee only to be brutally rebuffed. Turns out that my beloved doesn't love the tulip table, he's more into big rectangular dining tables. But years of persistence and gradual introductions of other pieced of mid-century modern furniture have convinced him {or he's just given up} that it might not be a bad idea to have one in the corner of our new living room, but alas IKEA no longer has them in store, and charges over $200 for shipping. Enter craigslist. I found this "lunch table" from a dental office for $20. So stoked, I'm going to pick it up tonight!!! Even if it needs a tablecloth, I'm fine with that, it's the overall shape and general look I'm going for...