Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Post Mortem: Snow snow snow!

What a busy weekend that was. Being sick didn't help things much, but I managed to keep my head down and power through, just like Michael Bluth would. Friday was spent doing things in slow motion, as getting out of bed alone took a couple of hours. But I had to soldier on, as our annual chrismukkah potluck was that night and 12 hungry people were showing up, whether I was in my bathrobe or not! We had a fabulous time, here we are in the classy wood-panelled rec room in the new place. We ate, we drank, we danced, we talked, we collapsed with fatigue. All in all, a success.

Saturday morning was a little slow, but LB made some fabulous eggs and toast, we cleaned up, watched some tv, and then headed down to Westboro for some shopping. {we can walk to lululemon in less than 10 minutes peeps!!!} After a delish coffee from bridgehead and some free cocoa camino chocolate at MEC {thanks Colleen!} we managed to find a package of mustaches for Bob and Nicole's party that night.

The theme was tacky Christmas sweater/mustache, take your pick, or do both! Since I'm not really a tacky sweater kind of gal {I did make a necklace out of an ornament} I opted for the 'stache, super hot, as you can see. Some took it more to extremes...

Sunday was a total snow day. We got 37cm of snow yesterday - we shovelled twice, people got stuck in our street, it was one big party! I took advantage of the sequestration and cooked - I made a roasted chicken, chicken potpie, and carrot butternut squash soup. I managed to use up almost all of the leftovers, huzzah! Last night, we relaxed, wrote thank yous and holiday cards, organised all of our filing and paperwork, and watched the Polar Express. It was actually a pretty good movie, far exceeding my expectations...Only 1 week till Christmas eve- I can't wait!!!!

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