Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Style 101

I bought this book at the Superstore last weekend. From the editors of In Style, a magazine that I stopped subscribing to and no longer buy due to the disproportionate amount of ads to text, it actually surprised me. There was enough good material during a few once overs at Chapters that I decided to get it when I saw it 25% off while picking up frozen pizza. It's a good mix of useful tips for home, beauty, style, including step by step instructions for creating the perfect smokey eye, something that I do hope to achieve someday. Mostly I usually look like I have a black eye.

I highly recommend it as a reference material, there is nowhere near the amount of celebrity coverage which was part of my dislike for the magazine. I'm going to try and perfect the "how to take a perfect picture" page, since I hate how I look in photos. The other part of that however is brushing my hair.

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