Friday, December 07, 2007


Last night was a big night in terms of holiday fun. although not at the start. We started the evening with a trip to Sears, where we managed to acquire the right fridge and stove for a decent price. Mission accomplished, although I did feel a bit nauseous at the thought of it all... It's still a little overwhelming sometimes. But the rest of the night made up for it in spades!

We had dinner at Suisha Gardens with our book club plus a few dear friends, where we indulged in much good food, some cold Japanese beer, and learned the joys of shabu shabu and sukiyaki cooked at the table. Those of us who hadn't ordered those dishes were greatly time I won't let LB talk me out of it! We followed that up by overwhelming a nearby Starbucks for assorted festive drinks {centred around my desire for a peppermint mocha} and then hit Parliament hill to check out the lights. Although it was lovely, it was kind of anticlimactic. I was hoping for more dazzle. but, at least we're all being eco-conscious and LED-rific...It was a great evening, lots of fun, and a festive spirit was certainly in the air...

Christmas Lights in Canada's Capital Region

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