Thursday, December 06, 2007

LBD dream come true!

Those fabulous folks at Real Simple have done it again, putting together a list of 10 bewitching black dresses to help ease some of your holiday shopping angst. There are some real gems here, and they make me wish that I had access to US stores!!!

Simply Vera by Vera Wang:

10 Bewitching Black Dresses


La Belette Rouge said...

Lemmings you have ignited in me:
1) Walford tights
2) Black satin DKNY SHoes that are in picture # 4
3)Necklace that is shown with dress #6
Thanks! :-)

kaili said...

My pleasure- just have to ignite a few sighs of desire at all of the lovely dresses and accessories pictured!

ps- I was talking Wolford this morning with my pal Laurin who has a pair, and she says that they are great but not amazing. I recommend looking for a pair of Secret or Silks tights with a velvet touch for a similar look/effect at a fraction of the price!

La Belette Rouge said...

I love Donna Karan brand tights. They are great quality and have a nice amount of bodyshaper in them. I have had a few pairs for over 10 years! Amazing, no?

What is the"Secret or Silk" tight? I would love a pair with a velvet touch. Where would a find such a thing?