Friday, December 07, 2007

How full is your plate?

I'm always looking to drop a couple of pounds here and there. I'm generally pretty satisfied with my look, and all of my clothes fit, and I'm in good shape, but I could always use a bit of improvement. I was introduced to the daily plate, a site that allows you to track your eating, caloric intake, weight loss goals and activity levels by a couple of my svelte and lookin' fabulous friends. I signed up for a free account, put in my weight, activity level and desired rate of weight loss, and it told me how many calories I should be consuming every day. And it has a ton of name brand products in the database, and you can upload more if need be. For example, they even had the one chocolate mint girl guide cookie I ate with coffee break this morning, as well as my favourite yogurt, activia with prunes.

If it goes well, I'll report back. If it doesn't, I'll be curled under the christmas tree with a tube of cookie dough.

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