Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Stories

Since I'm sharing traditions today, let's keep 'em coming. In our family, on Christmas, we always read T'was the Night Before Christmas at dinner. Uncle Terry reads it, we all ooh and aah over the pop-ups in the book, and it's really a blissful moment. However, a couple of years ago, we also introduced another story.

Stuart McLean, Canada's answer to Garrison Keillor, hosts a radio program called the Vinyl Café. Some people hate it with a passion, but most Canadians {who listen to public radio, of course} all know who Dave and Morley are, and if you're like me, Sunday's not Sunday without "Hello, I'm Stuart McLean, and you're listening to the Vinyl Café." Well, eleven years ago, Stuart introduced a Christmas concert, and started the holiday story tradition with a story about Dave cooking the turkey, with disastrous results. {of course} The reading of this story has since become a tradition, where we each read a page and pass it around on Christmas eve.

Last year, LB and I decided to mix things up a bit, with our new favourite holiday story, "6 or 8 Black Men" by the one and only David Sedaris. We're also going to bring it to our last night of Hanukkah party tonight - good times! It's a fabulously funny story about cultural differences, threatening to beat children, and all of the good stuff that you need at this time of year.

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