Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Cooking up a storm

One of the gambles that you make when you buy a house with the appliances included is that they might not work. And in our case, it is our oven. The burners work, but not the oven...Given that they are over 30 years old and a lovely shade of harvest gold, I'm not heartbroken, but it's still stressful. Right now I'm leaning towards a good ol' reliable Kenmore fridge and stove {it's self cleaning too!!!!}. In white of course, to keep things good and clean and pretty. Of course I can dream of expensive and lovely appliances, but I'm being realistic about budgets and such right now. For once.
'KenmoreSmoothtop Range <br>223 660 622' src="" width=500 border=0>

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tara said...

that's the same fridge we have. And we had to buy new appliances after ours worked for about 2 minutes and we went Kenmore all the way too. Smoothtop cooktop and wall oven all shiny and new.