Thursday, December 06, 2007

Chrismukkah is here!

Well it was a busy night last night at KLB industries, as we launched the 21-day long festivities of this year's Chrismukkah!!!!! We lit the first candles on the fabulous chrismukkah menorah that Liam and Shannon bought us at Habitat in London - no pics online, unfortunately... {I'm coming for some shopping soon Shan, I promise! Oh, and to visit you of course}, then we sat down to a dinner of butternut squash soup, cauliflower and our very first batch of latkes! I made sweet potato ones from Martha, and they were incredible! I'm not used to frying things in oil though, so I did set the tone nicely with some smoke alarm music...Then we decorated our tree. It was lovely. I have a tree and LB has a tree - mine is green and six feet tall, his is black and from the Nightmare Before Christmas. He has further spiffed it up with some Spiderman, Wolverine and Incredible Hulk ornaments that I put in his stocking a couple of years ago. That tree goes in the office, while my fabulous vintage/kate spade decked tree sits in the living room...

I will post pics of the latkes and trees tomorrow, I'm having photo upload issues today.

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