Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Bah Humbug!

We are planning a non-denominational holiday party at work in order to celebrate the season. I am part of the organizing committee {of course}, and we have been doing all kinds of fun stuff to raise money for the party - 50/50 draws, movie rentals, silent auction, and this morning I organized a big breakfast. For $5, people got juice, coffee/tea, yogurt, fruit, muffins, pancakes and sausages. It went over like gangbusters! I was cooking up a storm all morning with a big toile apron to protect my clothes, and little elves who were running the food for me. However, as always when you do one of these things, I also heard complaints and it just makes me so sad. And of course the complainers are also the ones who refuse to get involved or do anything to improve our esprit de corps.

I find it especially challenging when I spent yesterday evening running to the store and then bringing in all of the food and then came in really early to get cookin'. Bah humbug to them I say!

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