Monday, November 26, 2007

Weekend Post-Mortem: Pack Attack!

Well, it was our last weekend chez nous. And it wasn't great. It was actually a lovely weekend, but I'm such a stress case that I couldn't really enjoy things.

Friday night, we got takeout from our absolutely favourite Chinese restaurant, the Royal Treasure, and went to Julie and Aaron's for the evening. We drank some nice wine {and had a disappointing one too, unfortunately}, ate the best hot and sour soup, and had good company. LB and I both actually fell asleep on their couch and had to go home before midnight.

Saturday morning we ate the last of our scones {emptying the freezer!}, read the paper and packed up a storm. Thankfully Daphna rescued me for a while and we looked for bridesmaid's shoes. Then LB and I hit the Rideau Centre and bought a few jars of Bonne Maman jam and fresh croissants for our friends Jen and Shaun's housewarming party. We also took advantage of the chance to look at the lovely housewares and tchotchkes at Zone. I found a couple of things that might be nice for the new house, but can't commit to anything right now. We did however
but two of these hooks for the entranceway {at $8, how could we go wrong?}. LB bought me the matching deer head for valentine's last year.

Saturday night I had drinks with the girls and we went to the Buzz for dinner - I had the steak frites with sweet potato fries, WOW! We had a very fun evening of cocktails and food. I then raced over to Jen and Shaun's for the tail end of their housewarming party - their place is fabulous, such attention to detail!!!

Sunday, we finally made it out to the country and made our holiday wreaths from scratch! {I will post pictures separately!} Daphna, Laurin and I all managed to make completely different wreaths, illustrative of our respective personal styles...I then had dinner at mom and dad's, did some sewing, and crashed into bed with a thud. It's gonna be a long week...

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