Monday, November 05, 2007

weekend post-mortem: the best of times

It's been a weekend to remember! Wow!!!

Friday night we had our book club, which didn't end until 1am - so glad that everyone came! We had a great discussion, and then Marc and Tara arrived and we hung out and chatted and made sangria at 1am for the party the next day.

The party - phew! It began with some headaches, like our trip to one point Tara speculated that we could have gotten a better parking space if we'd parked at home and walked, and I'm inclined to agree...poor Marc had to hold down the car fort while we held down the Costco insanity fort... But my aunt said that it was the best party that she's ever been to - and it was all for her! From 2-5 we had an open house with all of her friends, and then late afternoon and evening was all family and friends. Mad props to mom, dad, Liam, Linda, Bruce, Tara, Marc, Yvonne and Diane for all of your hard work! ps- the coq au vin tasted wonderful - try the recipe...

Sunday was one of the best days I've had in a zillion years - we had a leisurely breakfast of scones and newspapers at home, then headed out for some shopping in the market. We ended up spending almost 1.5 hours at Nicastro's, this Italian grocery store/cafe, eating giant deli sanwiches, drinking cappuccinos, and stocking up on goodies...We then walked around some more, I bought a lovel grey wool toque {thanks to ol' eagle-eyed Tara!} and we went to see the Darjeeling Ltd...holy crap did I love love love it! It was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time, it just flew by, and the utter perfection of the staging and the attention to detail kept my heart a flutter! The personalized Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton luggage with illustrations by Eric Anderson {Wes' brother, he did the Criterion edition drawings for the Royal Tenenbaums} was stunning...The suits as well. Emerging from the movie at 5:30pm, we got a brutal reminder of daylight savings time- it was pitch black!

We headed home, LB made us an amazing dinner of peppers, pasta and meats, and we headed to the Capital for THE WEAKERTHANS show. It was the icing on the cake, the cherry on the sundae, the be all and end all...I can't say enough great things about the show- I cried more than once. They played everything, even Exiles Among Us, which they haven't played for at least 4 years...When John came out for the first encore, I was able to wriggle my way right up to the front, but then had to turn around and run back when the second song he played was OUR song, My Favourite Chords. LB and I danced to that song at our wedding, and they stopped playing it a few years ago. So last summer, in my favourite heroic husband act ever {heroic beacuse LB doesn't talk to strangers, and is terrified of talking to people he really admires}, LB stops John at the Ottawa show and asks him if they're going to play it. John says "I don't know, we don't really play it that much anymore"...LB explains that this was our wedding song, which he thought was very lovely, and then I piped up that it was my ninth anniversary since I had first seen the Weakerthans play and it would be so great...(I'm kind of an idiot around people I really admire) and when it was encore time, John comes out, starts to tell the story of why he's going to play the song, and then decides against it and just played it. Which made it even better for us - we didn't need everyone to know, we just wanted to hear it. And I like to think that he remembered that last night. When he opened his mouth and said "they're tearing up streets again", I just turned and ran back to LB, and we danced, and sang and I just cried the entire song. It's been a bit of a tough time lately, and I couldn't have asked for a better show. Best $20 ever spent. I stood there {trying not to puch the guy with the ponytail in front of me who insisted on singing along at the top of his lungs} just watching them and realized why they are my favourite band - they make me feel. Happy, sad, it doesn't matter. And their music just makes things better. Thanks boys.

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