Thursday, November 15, 2007

The one and only Marc Jacobs

This article from today's Times got me thinking...I love Marc Jacobs. His clothes, his accessories, his style, they really work for me and really speak to me in a way most other big designers do not. For example, while I love what I see on most runways {esp. ChloƩ, Prada and Stella Macartney}, I don't ever buy things by them. However, with Marc, it's a different story. I have a few things in my collection that I love {all accessories}, worked hard to acquire and they have a place of pride.

I don't know if it's because he's got his finger on the pulse in a way that no other designer does, or because he secretly lives in my head and then designs the things he sees, but he has a certain aesthetic that I really respond to. He also personally designed all of the luggage used in The Darjeeling Limited...

That's why I hate to see all of the bad press on him. Karl Lagerfield is a nut and yet he's the press' darling - maybe it's because Karl makes a living of being eccentric and therefore he's pretty easy to figure out, while Marc Jacobs is more of an enigma?

photo from Neiman Marcus

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