Monday, November 12, 2007

Ideas for Holidays

As I am now finished my holiday shopping, I've started thinking about fun things that I can do to get in the spirit without going crazy. I've made a list below, and I'd love to hear your ideas!
  • Make a real wreath - I'm going to a tree farm this weekend, where they take you out into the woods to cut your own cedar boughs, feed you lunch and provide you with the materials to make a wreath. I'm bringing a few of my own things to Kailifi it.
  • Make marshmallows from scratch. I want to roll mine in coconut and dunk them in giant mugs of cocoa.
  • Learn to make sweet potato latkes for Hanukkah
  • Go out for dinner with friends - we're planning a holiday dinner with our thinkers/readers club
  • Try and get things organised enough at the new house to have a holiday open house
  • Walking around parliament hill and looking at the lights {for those of you in Ottawa, the official start is December 6, 2007}
  • Go out for really good hot chocolate and a walk {I recommend Oh So Good if you're in Ottawa}
  • Making beeswax candles {thanks to Emily for the tutorial!}
  • Hosting a holiday movie night - our personal favourites are: Elf, the Nightmare Before Christmas, Scrooged, Bad Santa and the Muppet Christmas Carol {a little irreverence makes the craziness more bearable!}
  • Baking cookies {I'm making my shortlist of candidates for recipes right now}
  • Making hot chocolate stir sticks. I saw these at Williams Sonoma, but they were something like $16 for 10. I am planning on buying a bunch of peppermint candy sticks, melting dark chocolate chips, dipping them, and then laying them on parchment paper. I'll post if they work out...
  • Make gingerbread cookies
  • Try making the beaded ornaments on the December issue of Martha Stewart living
...and of course, move and set up my new house! What do you do to get into the spirit?


La Belette Rouge said...

You are sooooooooooooooo ambitious. Can you email me some of your holiday ambition?
I will definitely do movies, tree and maybe bake something that I will try and not eat. I will do the shopping and get grumpy and complain about the commercialism of the holidays.
Maybe, I will make a wreath. You have already inspired me. Your holiday spirit is rubbing off on me.

kaili said...

I'm so glad to hear that some of my spirit is rubbing off on you - I will post a ton of pics from the wreath-making session this weekend...
I will invariably get grumpy as well, but I'm trying to do some fun stuff to ward it off. My husband says that it's cute now, but we'll see how long it lasts when I'm glazing candy canes instead of going to bed...
Keep me posted and I'll help keep you cheery and jolly!
Bonne chance!