Friday, November 16, 2007

Hotel Fun!

Now, although I am sad that I have to cancel my wreath-making activities, I am planning on making the most of time in Toronto. In my hotel, that is. I love all hotels. As long as they are clean, they don't need to be fancy. I just love staying in hotels. The first thing that I always do is unpack all of my clothes and organize them by day that I'll be wearing them, and then line up all of my toiletries on the bathroom counter - we don't have a vanity at home, so this is one of favourite things in the world to do. I also put my jammies under the pillow right away...and then I enjoy the amenities! I'm planning on:
  • giving myself a manicure and pedicure {in chocolate brown}
  • watching a ton of cable tv
  • reading a stack of magazines
  • Writing my holiday cards
  • Having a giant bubble bath
  • Eating 1 piece of candy from the mini bar {overpriced but a decadent treat!}
  • Maybe {and I stress the maybe} doing some shopping on Queen West. What I'm really craving is some alone time, some down time before the move.

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