Friday, November 02, 2007

Holy good issue, Domino!

I can't get over how great the new issue of Domino is. I mean, I've always been a fan, I in fact have every issue {except for the green issue - never ever lend anything to my brother!} because I found that I loved too many articles to tear out inspiration pages- I'd be tearing out the whole magazine! As much as I love it, there have been a few issues lately that haven't floated my boat as much as usual, and then bam! This week, I got the new issue and it's some serious love at first sight. I have only read it once so far, but my favourites are the big black book of entertaining, Rita Konig's weekend tea party, the thanksgiving spreads, the sideboards featured {including the one I've picked out for our new place}, and the updated take on tartan.

It's gotten me right into the spirit of moving and getting ready for the holidays...
{Sorry, for some reason the Domino site won't let me connect to any of their stories or pictures - but click on the link above and head on over to check it out for yourself!}

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