Monday, November 12, 2007

Good scores

Today is a holiday for me, I am off in honour of Remembrance Day. I was able to sleep in a bit, and then spent the day getting ready for Daphna's shower this weekend and doing some errands. While on my way home from stopping in to visit LB's parents, I happened upon a little tykes picnic table and art easel, free to a good home. Normally, I'm not in favour of giant pieces of injection-molded plastic, preferring wood or making do with what we have. But little tykes stuff can be really expensive, and we have room for them in the new house, so I figured if we don't need them in the future, we will always know of kids who will or who will want to come and play at our place....

I always wanted a big easel when I was a kid. And a desk for playing school and store. Now we have both, so I should stop collecting things that I want and wait until we have kids sometime to allow them to make their own decisions about preferences.

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