Thursday, November 15, 2007

Getting scared...

Oh my, we take possession of our little house in exactly two weeks! EEK! Although I am beyond excited, I am also still dreading leaving our lovely neighbourhood...although I am certain that the drug dealer/friendly neighbourhood drunks content of Westboro is lower than that of Centretown, I am heartbroken at the thought of leaving it. This is the apartment that we lived in when we got married - I got ready for my wedding there, we have had all of our best and most raucous parties there, it's where I really figured out my decorating style and started to make it work in a coherent manner with my personal style {turns out, they're pretty much the same thing! personal style is personal style...}

LB and I both have the same favourite memory of our 'hood: one morning, it was ridiculously hot and we were up at 5am due to lack of sleep. All of a sudden, I hear some sort of trumpet/horn being played outside...Sure enough, it's this crazy drunk guy on his way home, playing the trumpet like he doesn't have a care in the world. He was awesome, and we're not going to see anything like that in the 'boro. It's far more homogeneous and pretty and sanitized. And that's not always a good thing...

However, on the flipside, we aren't going to miss witnessing some fights and scary drunken behaviour on our walks, nor are we going to miss the fact that we couldn't do many things that we would have liked to since we didn't own the place. Or that guy who was convinced that Liam and Shannon were covering for his ex-girlfriend who used to live there... I am also super psyched about having a guest room and a place to put the tv that is not in our main living space. {I do love tv, maybe too much, which is the problem...}

But the thought of being able to sit in our yard {a yard!} with a book and a cold drink, or to be able to have breakfast at our diner set in the sunny kitchen, or to be able to sleep in a bedroom that is only a bedroom and not our dining and tv watching areas as well...well, that's a good thought.

Here's some befores...I can't wait to share the afters!!!!

Back Yard


Living Room

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