Thursday, November 15, 2007

Books I'm Craving

I love all books, I'm a true book lover. My favourites are sad, depressing fiction [but not teen girl sad} and style/fashion books. I always hope that one will be the reference tool that makes me "figure everything out" and everything will fall nicely into we all know, such is not the case. But books are a constant source of inspiration, I can't stop reading and hope that I never do.

Lately though, maybe it's the move, I haven't felt like reading anything long, involved, or serious. I've been reading mostly magazines and style books, because I can pick them up at any point when I have five minutes and read and then abandon until I have down time again...

So I'm hoping to get the following three books:

Green is the New Black, by Tamsin Blanchard - all tips to be eco-friendly and chic at the same time. The two are not mutually exclusive. I took a quick look at chapters, and there seemed to be some useful tips.

Girl For all Seasons: The Year in High Heels, by Camilla Morton. I really enjoyed her earlier book, how to Walk in High Heels, tons of fun tips...although none of us are so lucky as to count people like John Galliano among our inner circle, nor is a chauffeured car our usual method of transport.

In Style Mag's Style 101: What Every Stylish Woman Should Know - now this one I'd need to see in person to make sure that it's not just a bunch of magazine articles for $30 {have you seen the new Oprah book?!?!?} but it looked good at first glance...

Also, I just finished Nina Garcia's The Little Black Book of Style. I actually made notes to share with you in a separate post.

As we say around the office, bonne lecture!

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