Friday, November 02, 2007

black jeans?

yup, that's right, black jeans. I am wearing them as I write. I've been at a conference the past two days, in a conference centre attached to a shopping centre. So yesterday at lunch I decided to head out into the mall {which was when I found the red falts, incidentally} and do some browsing. I ended up at Old Navy and based on Allie's recommendation, decided to try their new denim styles- the flirt, the diva, and the sweetheart. And as I already knew, I'm a real sweetheart. The rise is just right, not too high not too low, the cut is straight enough to be dressy {I just wore them to an impromptu important meeting and looked totally appropriate}, and they are great with heels and flats. For the price, I'm really impressed.

I wasn't sure if black jeans were really me now, since the last time I had worn them was in grade 5, but I saw Meg White wearing some when we saw the White Stripes this summer and I was smitten. Lovin' the black jeans...

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