Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Best Monday night EVER!

What's cool about Mondays? Not much. In fact, I usually stay at home in a foul mood and eat candy on Mondays...I am always wiped out! Well my friends, last night was a completely different story. We had a lovely dinner at home - chicken stew, multigrain fennel bread toasted with melted brie and spicy eggplant on top, and then headed out into the rain for the recording of the CBC radio One Bandwidth New Year's Eve Party!

Now, I'm not a winner. I really don't ever win things, it's kind of sad. I always imagine what it might be like to win, but I never do. Anyways, last Thursday morning I skipped the gym and did chores at home before work. Around 7:45, I'm drinking my coffee and Alan Neal comes on to tell us about the upcoming shows in Ottawa. And he happens to mention Kirk Van Houten's fabulous song "Can I Borrow a Feeling?" from the episode of the Simpsons where Milhouse's parents get divorced. I chuckle, and go back to drinking coffee and reading the Globe. Anways, at the end of his segment he asks for people to call in if they remember the Simpsons character and the name of the song he sang. So I figure what the heck and dial - someone answered!!! I'm usually met with a busy signal, but not this time, baby! but the funny thing is, I haven't been paying attention - I've been reading the paper. So I have no idea what I've won. Including when Alan Neal called me at work {now, for those of you who know me, you know what a big CBC radio 1 junkie I am, so this was a big deal!} and I still had no idea what I was winning! Luckily, I have some good friends who were able to fill me in on the details.

All of this being said, LB and I got to go to this recording last night. And what a recording! The artists were a surprise, so we were so so so happy when Jim Bryson, André Ethier {formerly of the Deadly Snakes}, Jenny Whiteley, Joey Wright, Dan Whiteley, Zaki Ibrahim {wow can she sing!by far, the best new find of the evening} Sandro Perri and Katrina Sturton hit the stage. It was Canadian singer songwriter heaven!!! We were entertained for over 2,5 hours, in a very small and intimate setting, by some of the best musicians in Ontario right now. Listen to radio one on December 30 for the full concert. I won't spoil the details, but I did get to hear some original creations as well as the absolutely coolest version of Auld Lang Syne ever.

Wow Kaili, what a great night! Did you get pictures? Well, as a matter of fact, I didn't. I had my camera at the ready, but it turns out that a certain husband of mine decided that the memory card didn't belong in the camera...so I was crushed. We made up on the walk home - it was way too much of a fun night to stay mad about that!

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Allie said...

How very awesome of a winning!