Monday, October 22, 2007

weekend post-mortem: bookended by parties!

It's never a bad thing when your weekend starts and ends with a party, right? Well, Friday was quite the day here in Ottawa - we had blustery rain coming down in sheets, the block up from us was closed as someone was crushed by debris inside the old Duke of Somerset (they're tearing it down from the inside to preserve the architecture - and thankfully, he was okay. Probably very sore, but okay.) Friday was also Gen's birthday. I managed to beg off work a bit early (but not much!) and grabbed the car to get my contribution to that night's meal - roads terrible, people forgetting how to drive due to waterlogged brains, you know how it is. I had a happy moment at Loblaws though - they brought back my square-ish wine glasses, which is fab as I am running seriously low - it's been a bad year for breakage of my glasses. Oh well, at least my Riedels are all intact. So for $19.99 I picked up four more, and now I'm back to 20 wine glasses for my hostessing comfort level. I then proceeded to almost get hit three times (lady in the mini van, you know who you are - how do you not hear someone honk 10 times to avoid you backing into them!?!?!?!?) and made it to Gen's just in time to not lose my sanity. We had a real time - big family dinner to celebrate her birthday and send her off in style. My parents came and we all had an amazing time sitting around eating, talking, drinking, it was just so comfy and happy.

I don't know if there was a moment all night when I wasn't talking - she had to snap fast!

Saturday I staged a mini-protest. I did not leave our apartment once. I cannot even tell you when the last time that happened was. It was bliss. I read two papers cover to cover, LB made me one of his fabulous breakfast sandwiches with homefries, I took a nap, I watched TV, I rearranged all of our boxes and did some cleaning, I made Maddy play with her cat condo some more, and then we topped it off with Chinese food!!!! YUM! We ordered from the Royal Treasure, our favourite place by far, and watched hockey. I spent the whole night getting myself organized. I really thought long and hard about what I want to do in the coming months and made some action items to help me realize it. I'm planning a separate post on that later.
Sunday was spent having coffee with Laurin (at which I spilled a latte all over her lap - once again, I'm so sorry!), getting apples at the farmers' market, making muffins, and cleaning mom and dad's house to help get ready for party #2 - Liam's birthday dinner. My parents have been in various stages of renos since March, and it's been making my mum a bit batty. They took a break over the summer, but have recently accumulated some lovely drywall dust that they've been fighting a losing battle with. So I went to town for a few hours and managed to make it at least sparkly for the party - hopefully the dust doesn't have its revenge. We had a huge meal of flank steak, BBQ ribs, salad, veggies, fingerling potatoes and black forest trifle. Of course, whenever we have trifle, the endless Friends jokes occur. My dad kept asking which layer had the beef in it. Luckily, the answer was in fact zero. but the pudding, cake and cherry content was high. We were all satiated - nothing like a big Sunday family dinner...

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