Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend post-mortem: ahhhh?

Well, it's been another crazy weekend over here at a-line skirt inc. I forgot my camera at home, but I have a ton of pics to share with you that I shall post tonight. The weekend started off on a very high note. Chatting with my mom on Friday afternoon, I realized that they were headed to le Nordik, the Chelsea Scandinavian spa, so I invited myself along. {If you haven't been yet, go! It's fabulous!} While we saunaed, steamed and hot tubbed, LB hung out inside by the fire and read a biography of Nikola Tesla {which he's finding fascinating, btw...}. We headed home, relaxed and refreshed, and picked up the Dunn's deli take out special - 1lb smoked meat, 1 loaf rye bread, 1lb coleslaw, and 1 lb potato salad. The four of us ate, had some wine, and hung out. It's really nice having mom and dad here in Ottawa with us.

Saturday was cold and raining. But Julie and I braved it and headed out to Body Attack at Goodlife. What is Body Attack you might ask? Well, you literally attack your body for 60 minutes. Julie convinced me to go, I'd never been. It was fun, but I'm still sore! At one point I turned to her and told her that I hated her, but it's all in good fun. Saturday afternoon was spent running errands for next weekend's party - I'm excited, it should be great! Saturday night, we met Andrea for dinner at the Brig, and then headed over to the Golden Dogs show at Mavericks. They are so tight live, and you can't help but dance, it's so infectious and catchy. As LB described it "they're really hooky, catchy Canadian indie rock". We walked home in the freezing windy night, and watched the scaffolding hit against this condo that is being built until glass started showering on Rideau street. It was really odd... Two condos in two weeks - it's like the city is rebelling against all of these developments.

Sunday morning I made waffles from scratch and tried out my waffle maker - so exciting! They worked perfectly! {I'll post the recipe separately, I was very pleased with the taste} After a quick round of tidying, we hopped in the car and headed to Scotiabank Place to skate with the Ottawa Senators! It was a really fun event, all related to the United Way campaign, and we had so much fun, especially LB. We ran into Paul, who was volunteering, and hit the ice. It was weird, being on the ice and looking up. The arena seems so small from that perspective. When you're up in the nosebleed seats {yay us!} it seems HUGE. We had a ball, and saw Chris Phillips {who is so nice and patient, the kind of hockey player we need more of}, but LB refused to have his picture taken with him. He's such a die-hard fan, but still wanted to play it cool. We visited with the trophies from the Hockey Hall of Fame and then headed to Costco, where I picked up the Stephen Colbert book. It's hilarious so far - but I do wonder how he gets away with it all sometimes... Then we headed home where I made coq au vin and chicken pot pie and we had a lovely dinner of grilled steak, risotto and spring mix. After organizing my outfits for the week, I donned my cowgal costume and headed over to Barrymore's for Retro 80s night/Hallowe'en party. I wish that I had brought my camera - two guys came dressed as Walford and Statler, the two old guys from the Muppet Show, and two others dressed as Bert and Ernie. They all went up on stage and danced to Money Money (sp?)...I made it home in time to catch some zzzs and wake up feeling tired, but happy with my busy weekend in our little corner of the world...

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