Monday, October 29, 2007

Transition time

Although I've been wearing my fall clothes for quite some time, until this weekend you could still easily get away with mixing in some summer pieces and going without tights. {Now I know that the one and only kate spade claims that she never wears tights, even in winter, but I live in Canada, and walk almost everywhere!} However, after I woke up to a temperature of -3 degrees Celsius, I realized that there's not much wiggle room anymore and it's time to get warm. This means time to break out my old faithful knee-high Prada Sport boots {they're made of gore tex and have worn ridiculously well!}, the knee-length black wool coat, and some light scarves.

However, the danger of this time of year is the fear of going to warm too soon. You don't want to break out the down jackets and sorel boots just yet, you have to save something to keep you warm when it's -35 degrees in the morning!

Coming tomorrow: a tutorial on dressing for skating - works in any weather!
ps- for those of you who might not be familiar with them, these are sorel boots. They are so ugly they're fabulous. I love mine. They're the Canadian Uggs.

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