Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Solidarity sista!

So Tara decided to confess her deep dark eco secret in response to Blog Action Day, and not wanting to hang my cousin out to dry, I've decided to share one too. As much as I compost, recyle, carry ridiculous amounts of tupperware with me, drink only out of reusable receptacles, I too have a secret.

I waste products. When I get tired of a shampoo (or whatever), I "accidentally" glob it out in mega quantities in order to rinse out the bottle and recycle it and buy myself a new one. I've managed to keep myself from the 20 assorted bottles that I used to have in my shower, but I cannot get over my little wasting habit. And I never confess it on my eco-footprint calculation either.

ps - I also did it with a bottle of dish soap last week b/c the new one was nice and pretty.
pps- I also like to take hot baths and Al Gore hates me for it.

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