Tuesday, October 23, 2007

rock and roll will save the world...

And for an hour and a half last night, it felt like it. I was lucky enough to go to Montreal last night to see the New Pornographers do their rock and roll thang. We left Ottawa around 5:30 and had a great car trip, LB, Simon, Andrew and I, talking and singing the whole way, had some burgers, and got stuck in Montreal traffic, of course. We managed to find the club after 1 u-turn and 1 sharp turn by LB that had us all sliding around just in time to meet my dear friend Andrea and her new man. Andrea and I were both book and music geeks in high school- too cool for the selections that most kids were making, and it's great to know that things don't change. We had fun mocking the first act, whatever his name was. The second act, Emma Pollock, was pretty good. If I were still in high school, I'm sure that I would have really loved her, but I'm not into that style so much anymore.

However, as we say in French, peu importe. Around 9:45, the New Pornographers came out. With their name spelled out in lights behind them, they took the stage and rocked out for almost two hours. It was fabulous, and there were so many times that I wished I had my camera but it was alas forgotten. The music was lovely, the playing tight, Neko Case was perfection as always, Kathryn Calder is really coming into her own, AC Newman was himself, the other band members all seemed to be having fun and playing hard, and then there was Dan Bejar. He doesn't usually tour with the band (I've never seen him with them before) and it seems that he has quite the drinking problem. He was slurring, stumbling, drinking - don't get me wrong, I'm not judging, it's his choice, but it really took away from the music, which is what we were there to see. I don't think that the other band members were too keen on it either, as the dynamic seemed to change every time he stumbled onto the stage and then relaxed when he lurched off. He managed to play his songs reasonably well, his voice is really quirky and distinctive, but I felt sad watching him. Which is the last thing that you want to feel at a rock and roll show. However, with the most amazing version of The Bleeding Hearts Club, they made all right with the world. I left happy, satisfied, but also wistful. I have a feeling that is the last time that I will see the New Pornographers. You know when you just know it something in your heart of hearts - that was how I felt last night.

And then we got a parking ticket. I just love Montreal!

(this is an old picture of the band, but I really like it.)

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