Thursday, October 25, 2007

it's coming faster than I think...

...winter, that is. I am starting to get ccccold some mornings as we get up around 5:45am and I leave the house by 6:30 to head to the gym. I've already started wearing magic gloves, those little stretchy gloves that you get at Zellers for $1, and they do help. But soon, I will be in the land of the toque. And I need a new one. LB bought me a really nice grey and mauve scarf from BR last year and I think that a light grey toque would top it off nicely. I saw this one in a light grey at the Gap, but they don't have it in grey on the website. It's pretty cute and would be cozy and warm... And what good Canadian girl doesn't love a cute toque to keep her warm?

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Your Humble Narrator said...

Agreed! That's why we decided to make Reverb Syndicate toques, actually! Black with the martini glass embroidered on the front. They're going to be so awesome when they're done.

Hope all's good wit'choo!