Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Good TV on DVD!!!

LB and I don't have cable. There, I've said it. But we both love TV - he more for sports, and me for well, everything. The reason that we do not have cable is because we both know that we will end up sitting there for hours on end, even when nothing's on. You should see us when we visit people with cable - we're like zombies... Luckily, we are able to pull in most of our faves, including Pushing Daisies, with our rabbit ears, but those will only work for so long as the cable signals are all being transferred into digital format.

We do love watching TV shows on DVD - We have all of the Arrested Development Series, and most of Seinfeld, and we watch those when we feel like having a bit of down time or there's nothing on on the four channels we get somewhat clearly. So today's an exciting day, as the complete My So-Called Life and Twin Peaks are both being released.

If you were in high school at the same time as Angela Chase, like I was, you know what I mean, like you know? I was devastated when they cancelled this show, and blamed it on all of my friends at school who watched Friends on Thursday nights at 8pm on NBC instead of My So-Called Life at 8pm on ABC. Angela and Rayanne were it in my 15-year old mind. Them and Drew Barrymore. This is a big one for me, and for sure on my Chrismukkah list.

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