Friday, October 26, 2007

Gearing up

For the record we are now t-minus 5 weeks to moving day, yay!!!! I'm trying to keep it in check, but it is coming up faster than I can keep track of, and there's still so much stuff to do!!!!

This weekend, I'm hoping to accomplish a good mix of fun and work. So far, we've got a few of each planned:
  • Seeing the Darjeeling Ltd
  • Having dinner with Andrea and Rich and seeing the Golden Dogs (yay!)
  • Attending a Body Attack class with Julie
  • Stripping the wallpaper in the bedroom
  • Learning to use my wafflemaker and make waffles
  • Going to the Landsdowne market - if you're in Ottawa, this is the last weekend!
  • Getting LB some new skates
  • Making the chicken pot pie recipe that Jordan posted earlier
  • Skating at Scotiabank place with real-life Senators!!!! I'm so excited, I hope that it works out - this could be one of the coolest wife things I've ever planned for LB - I'll report back on Monday.

It's a whopping two degrees here in Ottawa this morning, so I think that I can finally be happy and enjoy the real fall weather now that it's here...Sweaters, here I come!

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