Thursday, October 25, 2007

evil internet

I love being Canadian more than almost anything in the world. However, one thing I do hate about Canada is that none of the fabulous web sites will ship here. For the past two years, I've been using the annual kate spade desk calendars. They are in and of themselves individual works of art, and I love pulling one out of my bag to take a note. I even keep all of the pictures/collages from them for future projects. However, my connection to obtaining has disappeared, so I now have to figure out how I will acquire the 2008 one. The cover looks fabulous, although they did already feature the arm and bracelet from the cover in the February 2006 picture. But who other than me pays attention to that stuff?

ps- LB, DEFINITELY on my chrismukkah list!

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tara said...

I've got a friend in Arkansas!!!! I could order it to her address and have her ship it here...