Tuesday, October 30, 2007

holiday bling

This lovely outfit was in my inbox this morning, courtesy of Banana Republic. I like the simplicity, the clean lines, the re-wearability of every piece on its own or as an outfit. It really gets me in the mood to start thinking about that most wonderful time of the year... And the necklace? Well, I've got a 10% off coupon for BR that's just burning a hole in my wallet and it would be perfect for it!

Holiday flats

I love these Kenneth Cole flats. They would be so fabulous for the holidays, and would add just the right hint of colour to an otherwise plain and sensible outfit. They'd be perfect for throwing in your work bag and slipping them on with a sparkly black top in time for after-work drinks or a party...

I know that this is really early, but I've decided that I want a yellow purse and matching flats for next spring. We'll see how that goes... I've never been one to have a signature colour, it comes and goes. But I do love these shoes...

kate moss in Canada

Remember the madness at Top Shop and Barney's? Well now it's our turn for a bit of the limelight. According to the globe and mail style counsel, Kate has come. At least, her clothes have. Her holiday capsule collection will be available at the Holt Renfrew on Bloor St on November 6. {and probably not much longer - I'm going that weekend and don't plan on there being anything left to browse} They will likely be featured prominently in the store's holiday display...

Items include a pleated ivory silk minidress, an embroidered black cape and tailored tuxedo jackets. Prices are relatively reasonable: $98 for a tee, $350 for a beaded dress.

Fall Colours

Ottawa is lovely in the fall... and we decided to make the most of it. A few weeks ago, my family headed out for brunch and a hike, and had the most incredible weather and views. And much like every other activity, there is an appropriate way to dress for hiking, and it always involves proper footwear and layers...

This is a lovely spot along the trail near Huron lodge in Gatineau Park.

The view from the Champlain lookout...west, towards Quyon and Shawville.

Everyone at the top of the lookout, taking a break. Shiv's front and centre.

For some of us, hiking was too hard...Liam slept the whole way home- my camera didn't even wake him!

Wanted: Chic Flat Boots

And these Campers from Piperlime would do the trick quite nicely...I'm craving tall, clean flat boots that are comfortable for walking but that also look great with a skirt. The only problem is they generally don't fit my calves, so I can't just order them online. But I'm on the prowl for sure... I'm heading to TO in a couple of weeks, maybe I can pre-scout some Campers there.

The Uniform: Conflicted

I'm a girl who likes to change her mind a lot, and that's my prerogative, right? We all have that choice, that's part of the fun of being a woman. However, I also sometimes like to imagine myself as that incredibly chic French woman who has her 'uniform' and never deviates from it and always looks incredible. {I also imagine that woman would likely not post pictures of herself in a cowgirl costume} In an effort to stick to our pre-house budget and make better use of my existing wardrobe, I've been working on a bit of a uniform of my own.

For work: I generally wear fun shoes, a skirt, a fitted top, and a blazer. The other variation on this outfit is a full skirt with a turtleneck, or a dress. I am most comfortable this way and I can get ready in 5 seconds flat.

For weekends: I'm a very simple girl - either jeans or a jean skirt, Uggs or flats, v-neck sweaters and scarves to dress it up a bit. Clearly when we go up I'll ramp it up as required/if I feel like it, but this outfit gets me through a lot of different activities and can handle those days when I'm gone from 8am until 2am...

Outerwear: Now this is where I'm having troubles...I have developed a default uniform of black trenchcoat, black or brown flats, grey or brown pashmina (as scarf), and black or gloves. It's comfortable, appropriate in all situations, but it feels pretty blah...I need to introduce a colour here!

Bag: This is where I am most conflicted. Because I work out every morning, I have a monogrammed LL Bean Boat and Tote bag with my workout gear, and then a black kate spade Sloan Wellesley tote with a leopard scarf tied to the strap to dress it up a bit. But I love to switch my bags constantly, and have the collection of bags to support this habit. So I struggle...

What do you do? Do you streamline your bags so that you only have a couple to choose from? I've been packing boxes and I already have two big legal-sized paper boxes filled to the brim with bags big and small...

Good TV on DVD!!!

LB and I don't have cable. There, I've said it. But we both love TV - he more for sports, and me for well, everything. The reason that we do not have cable is because we both know that we will end up sitting there for hours on end, even when nothing's on. You should see us when we visit people with cable - we're like zombies... Luckily, we are able to pull in most of our faves, including Pushing Daisies, with our rabbit ears, but those will only work for so long as the cable signals are all being transferred into digital format.

We do love watching TV shows on DVD - We have all of the Arrested Development Series, and most of Seinfeld, and we watch those when we feel like having a bit of down time or there's nothing on on the four channels we get somewhat clearly. So today's an exciting day, as the complete My So-Called Life and Twin Peaks are both being released.

If you were in high school at the same time as Angela Chase, like I was, you know what I mean, like you know? I was devastated when they cancelled this show, and blamed it on all of my friends at school who watched Friends on Thursday nights at 8pm on NBC instead of My So-Called Life at 8pm on ABC. Angela and Rayanne were it in my 15-year old mind. Them and Drew Barrymore. This is a big one for me, and for sure on my Chrismukkah list.


I love pjs. I've always loved getting new sets of jammies as gifts, and wearing pretty sets when we travel. But lately, I have been lazy. I've been finding myself sleeping in my lounge clothes from that evening - if I get too sleepy, well then I just sleep in yoga pants and a tank top, for example. But then I can't wear the lounge clothes for lounging the next night after dinner because they've become pjs until the next laundry day, and then more laundry is created, and so on...it's a vicious circle.

So I've decided that it's time to start wearing my jammies again. My dad bought me these fab sushi pjs four or five years ago, but they're holding up really well {I guess that expensive pjs are worth it!} and I have lots of other lovely sets, and it's a shame to see them taking up valuable drawer real estate and not being worn...

I like to have pretty things for everything, but more importantly, I like for all of my 'things' to serve a deliberate purpose. And wearing sweatpants with these in the drawer? Not very purposeful...

Things that are funny to older people but not to kids...

We saw this bouncy castle at Scotiabank Place and LB and I were in hysterics. We kept humming the Twin Peaks music and wondering what the catch was. Turns out, it was just a bouncy castle with a climbing wall for kids.


As mentioned, I went out for Halloween on Sunday night. Now, I'm not a fan of this holiday in particular, but Laurin planned a little party at Barrymore's so I decided to suck it up and be a good sport. I decided to go with a cowgirl costume, {mostly because I own everything required to pull one together on the day of} and actually had quite a bit of fun, despite the fact that I went home at 10:30 to get to bed at a decent time... Happy Halloween all!!!!


On Sunday, LB and I were lucky enough to have the chance to skate on the ice at Scotiabank Place, where our Ottawa Senators play. We had a great time, skating and horsing around, and we were pretty much the only people without kids there, but we did not let that stop us from being as silly as the kids!
Now, dressing for skating is a relatively simple matter. You always need a good pair of socks, mine a black woolies with snowflakes embroidered on them. Next, I suggest cords, if you have them. Jeans and sweatpants are also popular choices, but jeans are colder and sweatpants look sloppy. Cords are that 'just right' mix of warm and good looking. Mine are brown and from Joe Fresh style, I think that they cost $19. On top: a sweater, usually a turtleneck, but I wore a v-neck since Scotiabank Place is pretty warm. A scarf is always a must, plus it looks so nice following you when you turn. And finally, the toque. It completes any outfit. I got this one at H&M on rue Passy in Paris - it has a lovely flower on one side.

Now skating outside, that's a whole other can of worms. Wear every piece of clothing you own, if you're skating on the canal here in Ottawa. I usually wear a parka, snowpants, toque, scarf and ski mitts, but we won't got there just yet. We're only starting to flirt with freezing weather...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Transition time

Although I've been wearing my fall clothes for quite some time, until this weekend you could still easily get away with mixing in some summer pieces and going without tights. {Now I know that the one and only kate spade claims that she never wears tights, even in winter, but I live in Canada, and walk almost everywhere!} However, after I woke up to a temperature of -3 degrees Celsius, I realized that there's not much wiggle room anymore and it's time to get warm. This means time to break out my old faithful knee-high Prada Sport boots {they're made of gore tex and have worn ridiculously well!}, the knee-length black wool coat, and some light scarves.

However, the danger of this time of year is the fear of going to warm too soon. You don't want to break out the down jackets and sorel boots just yet, you have to save something to keep you warm when it's -35 degrees in the morning!

Coming tomorrow: a tutorial on dressing for skating - works in any weather!
ps- for those of you who might not be familiar with them, these are sorel boots. They are so ugly they're fabulous. I love mine. They're the Canadian Uggs.

Plans and fun

This is going to be a good week. We're 41/2 weeks to house day, so lots of packing this week. We sort out the last thing with the mortgage this week too, which will be both a relief and a giant weight around our necks... Wednesday is Halloween, and we are planning on staying in, cooking, and watching a couple of scary movies. I've never seen the Shining, so maybe that one and then the Nightmare Before Christmas to bridge the gap between the holidays {which is not scary, but is whimsical and delightful, just as important}. We are also having our book club on Friday night, discussing Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking. I'm going to make a big lasagna for that, and we always have a potluck format for everything else, which is nice for the hosts.

Tara and Marc are coming to stay with us for the weekend {hurrah!}, then we have my aunt's party and family dinner, then Sunday night we are going to see the Weakerthans. I have to set up the office as a guest room, complete with lovely linens and pretty things.

Best week ever. I can't wait. And I have two days of no work to attend a conference. Even better!!!! So many fun things to plan and do!


I bought LB an imac this weekend! I'm so excited I can't wait can't wait can't wait...I think that we get it this weekend. Normally, I would have tried to surprise him with it for chrismukkah, but with all of the house expenses right now, our budget is under much scrutiny. I guess that I could have asked mum and dad to complete said transaction, but it was a great deal and the time to act was that instant.

I think that I am most excited about the amount of desktop clutter that it will eliminate and how pretty it looks.

Weekend post-mortem: ahhhh?

Well, it's been another crazy weekend over here at a-line skirt inc. I forgot my camera at home, but I have a ton of pics to share with you that I shall post tonight. The weekend started off on a very high note. Chatting with my mom on Friday afternoon, I realized that they were headed to le Nordik, the Chelsea Scandinavian spa, so I invited myself along. {If you haven't been yet, go! It's fabulous!} While we saunaed, steamed and hot tubbed, LB hung out inside by the fire and read a biography of Nikola Tesla {which he's finding fascinating, btw...}. We headed home, relaxed and refreshed, and picked up the Dunn's deli take out special - 1lb smoked meat, 1 loaf rye bread, 1lb coleslaw, and 1 lb potato salad. The four of us ate, had some wine, and hung out. It's really nice having mom and dad here in Ottawa with us.

Saturday was cold and raining. But Julie and I braved it and headed out to Body Attack at Goodlife. What is Body Attack you might ask? Well, you literally attack your body for 60 minutes. Julie convinced me to go, I'd never been. It was fun, but I'm still sore! At one point I turned to her and told her that I hated her, but it's all in good fun. Saturday afternoon was spent running errands for next weekend's party - I'm excited, it should be great! Saturday night, we met Andrea for dinner at the Brig, and then headed over to the Golden Dogs show at Mavericks. They are so tight live, and you can't help but dance, it's so infectious and catchy. As LB described it "they're really hooky, catchy Canadian indie rock". We walked home in the freezing windy night, and watched the scaffolding hit against this condo that is being built until glass started showering on Rideau street. It was really odd... Two condos in two weeks - it's like the city is rebelling against all of these developments.

Sunday morning I made waffles from scratch and tried out my waffle maker - so exciting! They worked perfectly! {I'll post the recipe separately, I was very pleased with the taste} After a quick round of tidying, we hopped in the car and headed to Scotiabank Place to skate with the Ottawa Senators! It was a really fun event, all related to the United Way campaign, and we had so much fun, especially LB. We ran into Paul, who was volunteering, and hit the ice. It was weird, being on the ice and looking up. The arena seems so small from that perspective. When you're up in the nosebleed seats {yay us!} it seems HUGE. We had a ball, and saw Chris Phillips {who is so nice and patient, the kind of hockey player we need more of}, but LB refused to have his picture taken with him. He's such a die-hard fan, but still wanted to play it cool. We visited with the trophies from the Hockey Hall of Fame and then headed to Costco, where I picked up the Stephen Colbert book. It's hilarious so far - but I do wonder how he gets away with it all sometimes... Then we headed home where I made coq au vin and chicken pot pie and we had a lovely dinner of grilled steak, risotto and spring mix. After organizing my outfits for the week, I donned my cowgal costume and headed over to Barrymore's for Retro 80s night/Hallowe'en party. I wish that I had brought my camera - two guys came dressed as Walford and Statler, the two old guys from the Muppet Show, and two others dressed as Bert and Ernie. They all went up on stage and danced to Money Money (sp?)...I made it home in time to catch some zzzs and wake up feeling tired, but happy with my busy weekend in our little corner of the world...

Friday, October 26, 2007

i've been tagged!

Tara, my lovely cousin and consummate blogger, has tagged me with the following fun exercise:

Five Things I was doing 10 years ago:
  • plotting my escape from Owen Sound
  • applying to university
  • working at Pizza Hut and a used CD store and tutoring French
  • breaking up with a guy who was bad for me (and not even for the last time)
  • wearing an eyebrow ring

Five things on my To-Do List today:

  • go for a run at lunch (done)
  • buy pumpkin scones
  • start planning our office holiday party
  • plan the decorations for my aunt's surprise party
  • pay the parking ticket I got in Montreal
Five things I would do if I were a millionaire:
  • move to Paris (and all of the shopping this implies!)
  • send my parents on a real trip
  • pay off all of our bills
  • adopt as many puppies and kitties as I could (or donate a ton of money to the SPCA)
  • fund some sort of cool foundation to help young girls and women with weight and body issues

Five things I'll never wear again:
  • the clothes I used to wear before I lost the weight
  • bingo dabber colours in my hair
  • men's boxer shorts under my pants (but showing cause they were so baggy!)
  • a wallet chain
  • my mum's cowboy boots (which is sad, since i lost them)
Five favorite toys:
  • Maddy the cat - she's fun!
  • my ipod
  • the treadmill at the gym
  • my knitting
  • my planning and organizing supplies

Five people to tag:
  • I'm not tagging anyone, but if anyone wants to do it, copy it and let me know!


It turns out that I'm not a fan. LB and I were talking about this yesterday - I seem like the kind of person who would live for hallow e'en - the costumes, the candy, the merriment, the opportunity to decorate, etc... But I actually kind of hate it. I enjoyed it when I was a kid, the costumes and trick or treating, but as a teenager and adult, the whole concept of the "Halloween party" never really did it for me. We used to do the Rocky Horror Picture Show every Halloween and that was fun, but even then, I just wore my regular clothes with a sparkly headband or something like that...I'm just counting down the days until November 1, when I can start my chrismukkah and winter plans.

And I'm lucky, since I married someone who shares my Halloween views.

Gearing up

For the record we are now t-minus 5 weeks to moving day, yay!!!! I'm trying to keep it in check, but it is coming up faster than I can keep track of, and there's still so much stuff to do!!!!

This weekend, I'm hoping to accomplish a good mix of fun and work. So far, we've got a few of each planned:
  • Seeing the Darjeeling Ltd
  • Having dinner with Andrea and Rich and seeing the Golden Dogs (yay!)
  • Attending a Body Attack class with Julie
  • Stripping the wallpaper in the bedroom
  • Learning to use my wafflemaker and make waffles
  • Going to the Landsdowne market - if you're in Ottawa, this is the last weekend!
  • Getting LB some new skates
  • Making the chicken pot pie recipe that Jordan posted earlier
  • Skating at Scotiabank place with real-life Senators!!!! I'm so excited, I hope that it works out - this could be one of the coolest wife things I've ever planned for LB - I'll report back on Monday.

It's a whopping two degrees here in Ottawa this morning, so I think that I can finally be happy and enjoy the real fall weather now that it's here...Sweaters, here I come!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

it's coming faster than I think...

...winter, that is. I am starting to get ccccold some mornings as we get up around 5:45am and I leave the house by 6:30 to head to the gym. I've already started wearing magic gloves, those little stretchy gloves that you get at Zellers for $1, and they do help. But soon, I will be in the land of the toque. And I need a new one. LB bought me a really nice grey and mauve scarf from BR last year and I think that a light grey toque would top it off nicely. I saw this one in a light grey at the Gap, but they don't have it in grey on the website. It's pretty cute and would be cozy and warm... And what good Canadian girl doesn't love a cute toque to keep her warm?

as you are far smarter than I

dear readers, since there are far more of you than there are of me, perhaps you can be of assistance. Has anyone seen a really great purse that might have an adjustable strap so that it can be worn as a cross-body bag? I've been having some mega shoulder problems, and this could really help me. Preferably available in Canada, although sites like Jcrew will ship.

I don't want a boxy messenger bag or a courier bag. I may have to look into lugging less stuff, but let's not get crazy just yet people...

kisses, Kaili.

evil internet

I love being Canadian more than almost anything in the world. However, one thing I do hate about Canada is that none of the fabulous web sites will ship here. For the past two years, I've been using the annual kate spade desk calendars. They are in and of themselves individual works of art, and I love pulling one out of my bag to take a note. I even keep all of the pictures/collages from them for future projects. However, my connection to obtaining has disappeared, so I now have to figure out how I will acquire the 2008 one. The cover looks fabulous, although they did already feature the arm and bracelet from the cover in the February 2006 picture. But who other than me pays attention to that stuff?

ps- LB, DEFINITELY on my chrismukkah list!

i've always wanted to...

As I mentioned earlier, I've been spending a lot of time this week really organizing my life and trying to figure out what I want to do and where I want to be in a few weeks, months, years, etc... I'm working on a post, but in the meantime, the fabulous people at kate spade have, as usual, read my mind. They have posted a new "I've always wanted to..." section on their behind the curtain website. Why not - learn an instrument? take up birdwatching? make a clever costume? learn to knit? read the entire dictionary?

And some eye candy for thought...although I'm not a costume person, I am a huuuuge fan of dressing up!

Dreaming of Paper...

Thanks to the lovely Daphna, and the parity of the Canadian dollar to that of the US, I have recently acquired some lovely paper supplies from Paper Source. In preparation for the move, I have decided to make postcards announcing our move and thought that some nice fun paper would be a good starting point. In honour of our retro little green house, I picked the A2 Leaf Scallop Card, the green came out perfectly and will look so cheerful in everyone's mailboxes! I also splurged and bought a beautiful damask/ baroque floral stamp to decorate them with. I think that this stamp and I will be friends for a long time...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's not rocket science, but it's nice to feel validated

I came across this New York Times Article while checking out Kristin van Ogtrop's (Real Simple Editor) new blog, Adventures in Chaos. It's cute by the way, stop by if you have some time. Anyways, the gist of the article is that men are now happier than women, and the main reason is that women have waaaaaay more to do than their male counterparts. I am not talking about individual men, I am lucky to have a husband like LB, and I know that many of you also have faaabulous partners as well. I am talking about the part of me that worries about the acquisition of birthday cards and gifts, who plans the potluck dinners with her friends that the guys attend, who worries about holiday cards and decorations, who plans all of the trips, the sightseeing, the luggage, who worries about almost everything, and who plans, well...everything.

In 1970, women were happier than men. According to the author, this was due to the fact that they had far less to do than we do today. And while I would give up my right hand before giving up all of the rights and freedoms that women fought for and won since them, sometimes I would like to be able to have a single to do list. Right now I have a work list, 2 volunteer organization lists, a house list, a chrismukkah list, a massive list of address changes to be done, a budget and cash flow list, etc... and while you might suggest that I burn my lists, I don't think that is the answer. I have the lists because I have a lot of responsibilities, some of which I've taken on out of choice (i.e. volunteering, planning the house), some out of necessity (work seems pretty necessary for everything else to happen), some I've taken on because if I don't think of x, then nobody else will.

Basically, the author argues that “women now have a much longer to-do list than they once did…. They can’t possibly get it all done, and many end up feeling as if they are somehow falling short.” And how! And the emotional factor too! Even if I do get it all done, then I will likely still be up half the night worrying about whether I've done it properly or not, or if I offended someone in the process...

Sorry to end the day on a down note. I'm going home, where I will eat candy and not worry about a thing, and I advise you all to do the same every once in a while...

Tastes like fall

We are throwing a big surprise party for my aunt next weekend (I'm not worried about spoiling it for her, she doesn't know what a blog is) and my mom and I are making dinner for the family afterwards. In order to simplify the task at hand, we are each making a dish beforehand that just needs to be reheated. She has decided to make a big batch of boeuf bourguignon and I am trying out a new recipe from Martha for coq au vin. I guess that we both had hearty French cuisine on the brain that day... I hope that it turns out, I'll let you know!

Un gros merci!

I just looked up my blog statistics and it looks like we're well over 1000 visits and almost double that in hits! This is now my 118th post, since restarting a-line skirt this summer and I just wanted to thank you for stopping by to check in every once in a while. Come by more often, I'm getting better at posting more than once a day, and tell your friends- I love to meet new people!

i like gold...

Black Eiffel had a post about MAC's new fall collection today, and it got me thinking that gold eyeliner might be the way to go. Most new makeup trends don't suit me very well (red curly hair and freckles don't match a ton of palettes...) but the gold eyeliner is a trend that I have to embrace - I'm so excited, I've gotta go check it out!!! I like the look, but would certainly tone it down to make it a bit more everyday appropriate, but with the option to turn up the volume when needed or I just feel like it.

New plans, new notebook!

A girl with a ton of fabulous ideas (which I hope is me!) needs a fabulous notebook to write them down in. As I mentioned, I spent a lot of time this weekend thinking long and hard about what I want to do and what skills I'd like to have and how I'd like to do it. I will post on that shortly, but I wanted to show you the lovely Cath Kidston notebook that I'll be doing all of that planning in. It inspires you to make better plans, and write more neatly, and stick to them rather than rip out the lovely red-lined pages.

Baby it's cold outside

It's that time of year again and I just got an email from one of my favourite online boutiques to let me know that they've got some new stuff for sale. Supermaggie has the loveliest hand-crafted and felted scarves, I broke down and bought one a couple of years ago and you wouldn't believe the amount of compliments I get on it. I get stopped on the street to be told that I look like a flower (the way the scarf wraps my head is sort like the centre of the bloom) and any time I wear it into a knitting/crafting store, the staff always want to look at it!

Unfortunately, their site is a Flash site, so I can't save a picture to share with you, but you should definitely stop by for a look!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Solidarity sista!

So Tara decided to confess her deep dark eco secret in response to Blog Action Day, and not wanting to hang my cousin out to dry, I've decided to share one too. As much as I compost, recyle, carry ridiculous amounts of tupperware with me, drink only out of reusable receptacles, I too have a secret.

I waste products. When I get tired of a shampoo (or whatever), I "accidentally" glob it out in mega quantities in order to rinse out the bottle and recycle it and buy myself a new one. I've managed to keep myself from the 20 assorted bottles that I used to have in my shower, but I cannot get over my little wasting habit. And I never confess it on my eco-footprint calculation either.

ps - I also did it with a bottle of dish soap last week b/c the new one was nice and pretty.
pps- I also like to take hot baths and Al Gore hates me for it.

I knew it!!!

You Belong in Paris

Stylish and expressive, you were meant for Paris.

The art, the fashion, the wine!

Whether you're enjoying the cafe life or a beautiful park...

You'll love living in the most chic place on earth.

Bedroom ideas

I saw this on Jordan's blog and had to check it out. I love the room, the colours, the furniture, the unmatched side tables, the chair(!!!!), so I followed the links and ended up on the original site. Anyone who's seen our apartment can vouch for my love of armchairs and eclectic design. I was leaning towards yellow for the guest room, but maybe I'll do the whole upstairs yellow - not as bright as this one, much more buttery...mmmm...butter... I am also coveting that console table, although I would pair it with a red chippendale chair.


One of the downsides to heading to Montreal for a Monday night concert means no sleepy-time until after 2am. Sure, you can doze a bit in the car, but not good quality sleep, and you still have to get up and change and brush your teeth when you get home.

I managed to pry myself out of bed at 8:20 this morning (I usually hit the gym at 6:30 and am working away by 8:30), threw on my pre-made outfit (thank you organization!) and then LB drove me to work. I am saved by three things today - 1 - I am wearing a dress, the easiest, fastest way to look pulled together but feel like you are in your jammies; 2- I have nice hair in a good ponytail; and 3 - Bobbi Brown creamy concealer in Beige. Now I know that we all have our favourites, but I just needed to put in a plug for it, since it is making me look presentable right now. It is creamy, covers well and does not flake during the day. I am also loving the new Clinique supermoisture foundation. It stays dewy all day and is very moisturizing and blends well. I got mine with the current bonus at Holt Renfrew. I am not a huge Clinique fan, but I do like some of their products, and am always a sucker for cute travel-sized freebies.

rock and roll will save the world...

And for an hour and a half last night, it felt like it. I was lucky enough to go to Montreal last night to see the New Pornographers do their rock and roll thang. We left Ottawa around 5:30 and had a great car trip, LB, Simon, Andrew and I, talking and singing the whole way, had some burgers, and got stuck in Montreal traffic, of course. We managed to find the club after 1 u-turn and 1 sharp turn by LB that had us all sliding around just in time to meet my dear friend Andrea and her new man. Andrea and I were both book and music geeks in high school- too cool for the selections that most kids were making, and it's great to know that things don't change. We had fun mocking the first act, whatever his name was. The second act, Emma Pollock, was pretty good. If I were still in high school, I'm sure that I would have really loved her, but I'm not into that style so much anymore.

However, as we say in French, peu importe. Around 9:45, the New Pornographers came out. With their name spelled out in lights behind them, they took the stage and rocked out for almost two hours. It was fabulous, and there were so many times that I wished I had my camera but it was alas forgotten. The music was lovely, the playing tight, Neko Case was perfection as always, Kathryn Calder is really coming into her own, AC Newman was himself, the other band members all seemed to be having fun and playing hard, and then there was Dan Bejar. He doesn't usually tour with the band (I've never seen him with them before) and it seems that he has quite the drinking problem. He was slurring, stumbling, drinking - don't get me wrong, I'm not judging, it's his choice, but it really took away from the music, which is what we were there to see. I don't think that the other band members were too keen on it either, as the dynamic seemed to change every time he stumbled onto the stage and then relaxed when he lurched off. He managed to play his songs reasonably well, his voice is really quirky and distinctive, but I felt sad watching him. Which is the last thing that you want to feel at a rock and roll show. However, with the most amazing version of The Bleeding Hearts Club, they made all right with the world. I left happy, satisfied, but also wistful. I have a feeling that is the last time that I will see the New Pornographers. You know when you just know it something in your heart of hearts - that was how I felt last night.

And then we got a parking ticket. I just love Montreal!

(this is an old picture of the band, but I really like it.)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sore Shoulders

Thank you for making me such a lovely purse that can be a shoulder bag when I need to be professional, but that has a longer strap so that I can wear it cross-body the rest of the time. Now that I know that it exists, I must acquire it. I really like it in red.

Sincerely, Kaili.

I must be sounding like a broken record, but I keep getting all of these mysterious aches and pains. Wanna know which ones are not mysterious? The shoulders! I work at a computer all day and carry ridiculously large purses and wear heels. I've gotten better at wearing flats, but it seems impossible to pare down the contents of my bag. This bag would really solve that problem - I could wear it as a sling almost all of the time, and also keep my hands free for drinking coffee and holding umbrellas and giving the thumbs up. Now to execute my evil plan.

weekend post-mortem: bookended by parties!

It's never a bad thing when your weekend starts and ends with a party, right? Well, Friday was quite the day here in Ottawa - we had blustery rain coming down in sheets, the block up from us was closed as someone was crushed by debris inside the old Duke of Somerset (they're tearing it down from the inside to preserve the architecture - and thankfully, he was okay. Probably very sore, but okay.) Friday was also Gen's birthday. I managed to beg off work a bit early (but not much!) and grabbed the car to get my contribution to that night's meal - roads terrible, people forgetting how to drive due to waterlogged brains, you know how it is. I had a happy moment at Loblaws though - they brought back my square-ish wine glasses, which is fab as I am running seriously low - it's been a bad year for breakage of my glasses. Oh well, at least my Riedels are all intact. So for $19.99 I picked up four more, and now I'm back to 20 wine glasses for my hostessing comfort level. I then proceeded to almost get hit three times (lady in the mini van, you know who you are - how do you not hear someone honk 10 times to avoid you backing into them!?!?!?!?) and made it to Gen's just in time to not lose my sanity. We had a real time - big family dinner to celebrate her birthday and send her off in style. My parents came and we all had an amazing time sitting around eating, talking, drinking, it was just so comfy and happy.

I don't know if there was a moment all night when I wasn't talking - she had to snap fast!

Saturday I staged a mini-protest. I did not leave our apartment once. I cannot even tell you when the last time that happened was. It was bliss. I read two papers cover to cover, LB made me one of his fabulous breakfast sandwiches with homefries, I took a nap, I watched TV, I rearranged all of our boxes and did some cleaning, I made Maddy play with her cat condo some more, and then we topped it off with Chinese food!!!! YUM! We ordered from the Royal Treasure, our favourite place by far, and watched hockey. I spent the whole night getting myself organized. I really thought long and hard about what I want to do in the coming months and made some action items to help me realize it. I'm planning a separate post on that later.
Sunday was spent having coffee with Laurin (at which I spilled a latte all over her lap - once again, I'm so sorry!), getting apples at the farmers' market, making muffins, and cleaning mom and dad's house to help get ready for party #2 - Liam's birthday dinner. My parents have been in various stages of renos since March, and it's been making my mum a bit batty. They took a break over the summer, but have recently accumulated some lovely drywall dust that they've been fighting a losing battle with. So I went to town for a few hours and managed to make it at least sparkly for the party - hopefully the dust doesn't have its revenge. We had a huge meal of flank steak, BBQ ribs, salad, veggies, fingerling potatoes and black forest trifle. Of course, whenever we have trifle, the endless Friends jokes occur. My dad kept asking which layer had the beef in it. Luckily, the answer was in fact zero. but the pudding, cake and cherry content was high. We were all satiated - nothing like a big Sunday family dinner...

Friday, October 19, 2007

so excited!

Today is the day that The Darjeeling Ltd, the new Wes Anderson movie, opens in Ottawa. I am a die-hard Wes Anderson fan, I'll champion his work to anyone, including the Life Aquatic... I walked down the aisle to the Mark Mothersbaugh compositions from Rushmore and the Royal Tenenbaums, I love the name Margot for a little girl, we have a barber around the corner from our house who is a real-life Bert Fisher, Max Fisher is the most perfect movie character I have ever encountered, I want to decorate my house like the house at 111 Archer Ave, and LB are known to quote the movies ad nauseum. (Our favourite these days is "that is the 72nd unforced error for Richie Tenenbaum! He's taken off both of his shoes and one of his socks...)

I am so excited. Will it be as good as the Tenenbaums and Rushmore? Probably not. But that's okay with me. As long as no one I like ever again goes down the terrible slippery Kevin Smith slope, I'm happy...

oh the humanity!

A girl's relationship with her hairdresser is one of the most important ones that she can have -especially when you have "problem" hair like I do (thick curly crazy). And Michelle has been my knight in shining armour for the past five years. And now she's moving to Calgary. TO CALGARY?!?!?!?!? What about me? She actually does such an amazing job on my hair that my entire family and three of my girlfriends go to see her as well. She's become a friend, part of our clan, the boys actually marvel at how much we talk about her...

My first appointment with Michelle was shortly after my engagement. She's the one who convinced me that we could make my hair fabulous and she was true to her word. She's made my mom look younger (in that good age-appropriate way) with her funky new do. She also did Laurin's hair for her wedding, etc...

Needless to say, Michelle will be sorely missed. I'm due for a cut in December, so let's keep our fingers crossed.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

feeling zen

I bit the bullet yesterday and rejoined the gym. Now, I am not a huge fan of gyms in general. The communal undressing and dressing, the showers before work and using sub-par styling products because I don't want to lug my big bottles everywhere, the lockers, the skinny people, etc...

However, I've been back to running seriously for a while now and I ache. My hips are always sore, and this is a common runner's injury, as people who run long distances tend not to stretch out enough. Last winter, in tandem with my half-marathon training, I did a special yoga for runners class at the Glebe Community Centre and it really helped. So, I decided that to combat the aches and pains, my best bet was to rejoin my gym, which offers a good mix of yoga, tai chi, and pilates, at a monthly cost well below some of the fancier yoga studios in town.

Now, yoga purists will argue that no gym can teach as well as a yoga studio, and I'm inclined to agree, but my wallet and I were in firm agreement on this point. And I went to a class this morning, and had a great time. I feel rejuvenated, my hips ache less as I sit and type, it's a good day all around people...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

doin' the ipod shuffle

Ali and Tonia have both inspired me to bravely do the ipod shuffle and see what comes up. The premise is, you put your ipod on shuffle and note the first ten songs that play, no cheating or skipping the secret Britney Spears/Spice Girls hidden away on there. In Ottawa, we actually have an event called the ipod battle that happens every couple of months. All it is is two teams, each with their ipods on shuffle, and they go back and forth to outcool each other. It's a lot of fun, and the fabulous girls from Victoire boutique have been kickin' butt.

So, here goes:

1- Heartbreak Stroll - The Raveonettes
Love the 50s sound of this band- so sweet and subversive...

2- If I Were a Carp - Final Fantasy
If you haven't heard Final Fantasy- check him out! He is a one-man extraordinaire - he plays the violin, sings, records it back and loops it and then keeps adding layers and layers of complete beauty - right in front of you! He doesn't travel with pre-dubs, he does it all and it's so moving.

3- Let's Call It Off - Peter, Bjorn and John
This record makes me happy. And you all know who they are.

4- Cold War - Death From Above, 1979
This is a plant form LB - he's gotten me to love these guys, but I never would have without months of wheedling and bullying...powerhouse guitar, loud drums, this gruesome twosome is no longer together, and their solo projects are nowehere near as good.

5- The Nocturnal House - Pretty Girls Make Graves
I LOVE LOVE LOVE PGMG - they are one of my favourite bands, and are also broken up now. BUT, for our second wedding anniversary, we went to NYC to see them on their farewell tour, and we had a time. They played this song, the pulsing, the whistle blowing, it was just too much...

6- Conductor - The Constantines
A very nice and mellow contrast, the Constantines are a fabulous Canadian band now on Sub Pop. This song is actually far more mellow than the rest of their stuff, but it's nice to tone it down every once in a while. They are LB's favourite band, and are a band that we'd drive hours to go and see, including Sudbury in the dead of winter, right Tara?

7- Wellington's Wednesdays - The Weakerthans
The Weakerthans are my all-time favourite band. I have loved them for over 10 years now - that's a long time in indie-rock fickle music land, where a band can be the band with one hit record and then slip away. The Weakerthans have been consistently putting out incredible albums since Fallow, and LB and I even danced to My Favourite Chords at our wedding. John K Samson's lyrics break my heart and uplift me all at once. This band actually sounds like what Canada would sound like if she made sound.

8- One By One Day All - The Shins
The Shins...lots of fun...

9- High Prices Going Down - The Deadly Snakes
The Deadly Snakes released on of the best records of 2005 and then promptly broke up. LB's still heartbroken. This song is a fun Dylan-esque rock and roll thumper.

10- A Widow's Toast - Neko Case
I would have been mortified if Neko hadn't made it on my random shuffle. Our honourary Canadian, the woman with the most amazing voice, fabulous musician, creative, and a member of another Canadian fave, the New Pornographers. Neko's records are what I turn to in almost any mood, but particularly when I'm feeling a bit melancholy and need someone to sympathize, she's there.

phew! I didn't have to lie - my ipod didn't let me down...though it never does. Good ol' lil' lighning.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bridal Showers bring...gifts?

Nope, they bring FUN! I am planning a shower for my friend Daphna (who reads this blog, so I will zip it!) and am having so much fun... I love showers, they are really just fabulous fun occasions to honour the people that you love and who are so important in your life.

I'll post the pics the following day - we're going to rock this shower!

Blog Action Day

Apparently, I'm the type of girl who can't read instructions. I wrote about blog action day ages ago, but it turns out that it's actually today. I am however going to link back to that post for your reading pleasure, and am also going to share with you a few of my favourite eco sites. One is in my links, the no impact man project. - I wish that I had the chutzpah to do something really drastic like that, just for a little while even, in order to see how much I really don't need. I have an inkling, but that's only a start. I also really love apartment therapy's green section and really enjoyed reading about the 100-mile diet, though I'd never make it through a winter here! The other blog I enjoy following is that which tracks a woman's efforts to live a year without plastic - I didn't know plastic was hiding in so many things, and really admire her dedication to finding alternatives - although I don't know about the deodorant debacle - I'd have caved early on!

Either way, just a reminder to do your part in whatever way you can. Consume consciously.

Colbert Book Report!

For those of you who, like me, have found yourselves drifting away from Jon Stewart into the taller bonier arms of his protegé and Amy Sedaris friend Stephen Colbert, you will be pleased to know that he has released a book just in time for the lucrative holiday season. I am America (and so can you!) was released on Oct 9, but has yet to be stocked at our local library. I am 72 in the queue of my library's waiting list.

Weekend Post-Mortem: Cold and Tired

It was another busy weekend over in our neck of the woods...All I want is a nice and quiet weekend to relax and recoup prior to the move. I'm thinking of putting a moratorium on plans for the weekend, and just doing things like baking and cooking batch recipes. Boxes can wait for another day. or week.

Friday night was nice - we had our discussion group at Mia and Arne's - a very engaging and varied discussion on the topic of technology and humans, it was nice to have a wide array of views. We often all end up having the same opinion on things since we are all good friends with similar levels of education, employment and such. I managed to sleep through an hour of the discussion, curled up in the armchair with a blankie. I must be fighting something, I am an insatiable sleeper these days...

Saturday morning was the 10km run - we had a great time, it was ccccccold, but lots of fun. My new runners were amazing, and I ran a good time, under 6 minutes a km, so about 59:30. It was not my personal best, but it wasn't my worst, and it was great to get out and work out. Saturday afternoon was errand insanity with my mom - we went to Costco, and then we went to Homesense, where we both bought our new christmas decorations for the year. It occurred to me while in the store that I was going to have my own mantle to decorate for the first time in my life, so I bought some lovely silver mercury glass ornaments (and then read that mercury glass is all the rage this year!), a deer-headed punch bowl that I will fill with pinecones, and two stocking hangers. Having a jewish husband who did not grow up with christmas decorations helps to keep me in check. He can't handle a ton of yuletide cheer... Saturday night we had amazing steaks with mom and dad, and then went over to Julie's house. Gen came over, and the boys all watched hockey and the girls got silly upstairs.

Sunday morning was a quiet morning - I wanted to make sure that Maddy was using her cat condo that I bought on Sat, so I spent about 30 minutes playing with her on and around it, and then walked over to meet Daphna and Adam at Stoneface Dolly's for what I seriously believe is the best breakfast in the city, and not just because my one and only works there. We stuffed ourselves and made wedding plans, and then met with the worst florist I have ever seen. But it was good, as we learned what D&A do need and want. Then I took them by our new house, only 6 weeks and 3 days until we take possession!!! They gave it their experienced renovators' seal of approval, which was a relief to me. Then I spent the afternoon doing some much-needed housework and then we went to mom and dad's (again, I know! I'm a total freeloader and I love it) for a turkey dinner. I was out cold before the end of the Family Guy and slept straight through to 8am this morning. I am hoping to get the urgent work finished ASAP and then head home to bed right away. There's something going around...

Friday, October 12, 2007

feelin' old...

yesterday, I had to go home, I was feeling so blech, as mentioned. SO I dove into bed and slept from 4 until 7pm, woke up and ate a delish stirfry that LB made for me, and we both got back into bed. But don't you worry though, I stayed awake long enough to watch the Office. Ah Jim and Pam, to be young and in the starting stages of a relationship again -the puppy love period! aw....so sweet.

Then I woke up early this morning and went for a 10km run. Which was much needed, since I'm in a race tomorrow and I haven't run 10km since the spring, however, I'm sitting at my desk, and I ache. My hips ache. While it may be due to the fact that I am in dire need of new shoes, it may be due to the fact that I'm getting old...new house, no designer coat, achy hips...uh oh!

another grey, cold, day in ottawa. Luckily, I fortified myself with a Bridgehead chai latté and French Baker croissant in order to make it through.

off to discussion group tonight - we are discussing man vs. machine, very excited. Also looking forward to Nov 2, when we will be discussing Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking. LB and I are the fiction delinquents of our discussion group - everyone comes up with interesting topics and articles, and we really just want to keep more books on the list.

on that note, I gave up on Edith Wharton. Am going to read one of her books instead. I am also excited as I am finally starting Jonathan Safran Foer's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I made LB buy it ages ago, and have yet to read it.

Tomorrow should be nice - 10km race at 9:30am, followed by yummy breakfast and then errands and stuff. Sunday's helping Daphna and Adam pick the flowers for their wedding - I love being a bridesmaid!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


I feel yucky, so no more bloggy for me today. My hair's not agreeing with me, and I have seven, count 'em, seven zits on my face. I have a great outfit on today (charcoal cardigan, grey and pink leopard print silk blouse, charcoal pencil skirt, nude fishnets, and patent grey kitten heeled shoes) but I can't even enjoy it because I look and feel so blah above the outfit. I think that today is a good day to go home early and take a bath. I'm officially in hiding for the evening.
kisses, kaili.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

apartment snaps: 3

It occurred to me tonight that I never finished the tour of the apartment. Boy is it ever starting to look like a cyclone hit it. A cyclone that's very organised and who was ever so kind as to pack and label all of the boxes using a user-friendly master list. (pssst- that's me)

Today is the most complicated room - the dining/bedroom/tv room. It has four door openings, a huge window, and a rad, so it's nearly impossible to decorate. Not that we haven't done lots with it. I've made it both the living and dining rooms at different stages, and have also had the office in here for some time. I'm really going to miss my apartment, I apologize in advance if I get very verklempt over the next 6 weeks...

Here's what it looked like from the kitchen while it was still the bedroom/living room. We just sold that couch, and I already told you about all of that furniture earlier.

Here's the view from the other room. At the end is our kitchen, and behind those curtains is our "bedroom". (aka bed behind curtains)

This is the bedroom. Maddy's lounging on the bed, the quilt was made for us as a wedding gift from my aunt Diane, over the bed hang some favourite Paris pics as well as LB's grandfather's certificate naming him an Esquire (and he didn't even own the ESQ watch!)

This is what our bedroom looks like from the dining room - through the looking glass...

This is the dining room, opposite the bed. Too many books to count, but we love them oh so very much...
And this is the current view, from the living room into the dining room, towards the kitchen. A but scattered, I know, but thanks for bearing with me. I love my apartment.

Rock the vote!

Hey all you Ontarians! Get out and vote today - doesn't matter for whom or if you spoil your ballot, just get out and do your democratic thang!

ps- LB and I are very silly...xoxo.


Because of the long weekend, our usual Monday garbage day was moved to Tuesday. While walking to work Tuesday, I came across this mint antique school desk and had to have it. Luckily, LB was off work so when I phoned he was able to come get it before another garbage scavenger took over. I can't wait until we have kids who can sit and colour here, and play school, and all of those great things that you can do when you have imagination and creativity. It would look great with one of Jordan's lovely antique globes on it and a coordinatd cushion on the seat.

Thanks for carrying it home in the rain hon!

ps- confession time: I am not going to finish the 752 page biography of Edith Wharton that I placed on the desk. It just makes me look smart. And I started it yesterday and it's due tomorrow...

Friends and hockey, together at last

As I mentioned, on Monday afternoon LB and I headed out to a hockey game with Gen, Pat and her sister Mimi. Gen and I have been friends since I slept over at her house on my 14th birthday. We were friends through another girl, but Gen and I quickly became fast friends and we don't really know what happened to her...we just lost touch. Anyways, Gen lives in Whistler, which still breaks my heart, but she and her boyfriend Pat and their dog Lily drove home for a month's visit. All this to say that the five of us went to the Sens game on Monday. They clobbered the Devils 4-2, really outplayed them, and we had a blast! We battled our hangovers (except for LB, he's such a good boy!) and ate junk food, cheered and boooed, and talked through most of the goals - but no, I didn't knit this time. Here's the gang (sans moi) outside our lovely ridiculous suburban arena, the Scotiabank Place. Nothing inspires athletic greatness like one of Canada's 6 chartered banks, right?

Apparently we don't like getting our photographs taken. However, as I reminded them many times, posterity people!!!
This is likely the only time LB looked away from the ice. And while it's not the most flattering shot, we had fun. And for the record, girls with their tummies showing, arenas are COLD. You need to dress warm. I had on a black turtleneck, Old Navy jean jacket, black and white skull scarf, brown cords, and raspberry Uggs. I didn't warm up until the end of the game, how did you survive? Oh right. You were drunk. I had popcorn.

Delightful is truly the word

I watched the second episode of Pushing Daisies last night, and I can honestly say that I was delighted. It's like Amélie, Lemony Snicket, and the Royal Tenenbaums all in one. The whimsy, the sets, the characters, the girl named Chuck (and her wardrobe!), it's almost too much to bear to hope that prime time tv execs will get it. I hope that it doesn't go the way that all of my favourite shows go (i.e. the cancelled way) and that it gets a chance to develop.

On another note, I watched the third episode of Gossip Girl last night. Still not feeling it. Maybe it's the same gene that doesn't think that The Hills is a masterpiece.

This is the downside to working in the same building as Canada's largest luxury retailer...

I tried to buy the coat today and I couldn't do it. I tried to go and spend the $695.40 required in order to acquire this coat, and I couldn't do it. I don't know what's wrong with me, I couldn't lift the Visa card out of my wallet and put it in the clerk's hand at Holts. Maybe my hand is broken?

My mom told me that this would happen. She said that when I bought a house I would want to spend my money on stuff for the house and that designer clothes wouldn't interest me as much, but I refused to believe her, much in the same way that a rock 'n' roll dad refuses to believe that his life has changed once he has kids (but just for the record, I love rock 'n' roll dads who love their kids!), and then you have that aha moment. I stood in front of that mirror in the pretty coat for a good five minutes, and then I just sighed, and hung it back up. I honestly didn't want it anymore, how weird is that? And I know that many of you have never spent that much on a coat or a bag and are judging me as we speak, and I honestly don't care. This has always been my thing, and now, I've become a casualty of growing up...

But I did a bit of retail therapy anyways - I bought a chunky grey knit cap and two leopard-print cardigans for a total of $100. I am actually already wearing the brown cardi as I type.

Fall Jacket

I'm on the verge of buying an olive green corduroy knee-length/bracelet-sleeved Marc by Marc Jacobs fall/winter coat. How I love it so, it has consumed me day and night, I can't stop thinking about it. It fits me like a dream, and is the perfect colour to match my hair and skin. And it matches my brown Marc by Marc Jacobs bag to perfection. And LB and I made a deal last night: I can buy it on two conditions: 1- I have to buy him a computer in the spring, and 2- I have to agree to let him choose all of the movies we watch until the time I buy him a new computer. I have a feeling that condition #1 will be a lot easier than condition #2, and that I will have to actually put on the coat to make it through Transformers over some foreign art house film, but I will suck it up and take one for the team. If I buy it, I'll take a pic and post.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

happy hands

Hurrah, we finally have a kiehl's in Ottawa!!!! I have been waiting for this day forever, as Kiehl's make most of my all-time favourite grooming and self-care products. Armed with a $50 gift certificate from my kind former team, I went down to Holt Renfrew at lunchtime with Laurin and treated myself to two of my ultimate product weaknesses: 1- Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, 2- Creme with Silk Groom, and 3- Lip Balm #1 (which was FREE - ladies, if you're in Ottawa and make a Kiehl's purchase this week, they give it to you!!!! usually, this costs around $10!)

I'm so excited. I can finally use the products that I love without having to bulk order them and feel guilty as it is ridiculously expensive to buy all at once. Other faves include:

Monday, October 08, 2007

weekend post-mortem: gobble, gobble.

Hurrah for long weekends! I was especially lucky this year, as I was able to turn mine into a four-day weekend, but boy am I ever exhausted. You think 4-day weekend and think about all of the time that you will have to relax and hang out, and then all of a sudden it's Monday afternoon, you're surrounded by boxes, your hair is not done, and your friends are coming over so that you can all go to a hockey game and you think - what have I done? I turned a chance to relax into a whirlwind of non-stop busy-ness.

Friday was nice, Laurin and I went shopping and I bought some fabulous fake diamond studs. I then helped mum with a few things, and made it home after a nightmarish trip in traffic - gotta love long weekends! Friday night, we relaxed, watched Zodiac (ps- I really really liked it!), ate some tuscan chicken, and read. It was nice, and without that, I don't know if I would have made it.

Saturday morning, I got up early, organized my contributions to the two potlucks we were attending, read the paper, and then mum and I went and ordered my couch!!!!! My first piece of grown up furniture that's all mine to keep! I forgot the camera though, so you'll just have to wait and see how it turns out in the new house. We then went and cheered Patricia on in her half-marathon, and had a lovely lunch at Siobhan's. After a quick trip to get Tanya her birthday gift, we were off to Phaedra and Alain's lovely home in the gatineaus for thanksgiving dinner. It was amazing, we could not have had a better time. We went for an hour-long hike prior to dinner, sat by the fire, played Scrabble, watched hockey, and stuffed our faces - wowzas!!!
This is the view from their deck - could you imagine living in such beauty?
Sunday morning, I got up, went for a run, LB made me an amazing breakfast sandwich and home fries, and then we went to mum and dad's for a day of hard work. LB helped paint the basement while I did a project I've been dying to do for ages - I painted all of the unfinished pine furniture we've accumulated over the years from Ikea a lovely shade of white, very glossy. It will look so nice and uniform in the new house, and the pieces are interchangeable. Then we had thanksgiving dinner with his folks, and I went out to Barrymore's for 80s night and then did some karaoke...good times folks!

I'm a little worse for the wear today, but I'll make it. I watched a bunch of Clone High this morning and ate soup... Gen and Pat and Mimi are on their way over so that we can all go to the hockey game this aft- GO SENS GO! It's chilly, finally feels like fall, and I'm ecstatic. Getting out my uggs as we speak.