Monday, September 17, 2007

weekend post-mortem: Relaxasaurus!

happy monday all!

i can safely say that after a nice, relaxing weekend, i am back at it. we had a great time! friday night we got a basilico pizza with spicy sauce and herb crust from our hands-down favourite pizzeria in the city, pavarazzi's. lucky for us, they are on our block. after a healthy-ish pizza dinner, we walked down through the glebe to the civic centre to cheer on our junior hockey team, the ottawa 67s. now it was an exhibition game, and the top three 67s were off at various NHL training camps, but the team looked good. and they won, 4-2!!! now, for the record, i did bring my knitting. and i was happy that i did, as it allowed me to enjoy hockey in my way and not disturb (aka talk to) LB while he enjoyed it in his way. we walked home, and enjoyed the first real feelings of fall. we got home, popped in the gilmore girls season 2 dvd, and i watched something like 4 consecutive episodes. i forgot how much i loved that show and how sad i am that they cancelled it...

saturday, i got up (late, since i watched ggs all night!) read the paper and then picked up nicole. LB and I were having dinner at bob and nicole's that night, and nicole and i decided to share the work of entertaining. we went to the parkdale market for fresh fruit and veg, hit thyme and again for the art-is-in bread that is better than candy, and then hit costco for steaks so delicious they were like butter. we then wandered to the superstore for a little joe fresh kick and i bought a cute little blazer (sorry, link's not working)...i then spent the rest of the afternoon knitting, watching more gilmore girls, and eating LB's homemade chicken soup. we went to bob and nicole's and had a fabulous and fun evening, which we can now do more often as it's back to fall and normal schedules...

sunday, we walked to the landsdowne market and stocked up on fresh local goodness. we then had nachos!!!! for lunch, and the rest of the day was wiled away, knitting, watching gilmore girls and puttering, getting ready for the week. i then made LB dinner for a change: braised chicken and mushrooms, over whole weat couscous and brussel sprouts on the side. it was amazing. we managed to get through the entire season of the gilmore girls in one weekend and not be complete hermits or not get any exercise - it worked well, but it will be a while before i borrow a tv show for only one weekend. not having cable helps, i guess.

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