Monday, September 24, 2007

weekend post mortem: EEK!

so, this weekend started off just like any other. I left work a little after 4 on Friday afternoon, walked through Holts and browsed a bit, and then headed home to do some tidying up and organize my weekend. LB calls me into the office. He's found a house online that we should go and look at. I say that I don't really care, that it looks cute, but that if he wants to see it he has to email our agent as I'm cleaning my closet. So, we head over to Adam and Daphna's for a fab night of Scrabble and good company, and while we're there, the agent phones my cell. He says that it's worth going to see - so we set a date for 3 the next day.

Saturday morning, I got up and went for a run, met Nicole for coffee, and went to the Ladyfest craft show. I then went home, worked on my sewing machine and did some repairs to clothes, and then freaked out on LB cause I didn't want to see this house anymore and read Martha Stewart Living in a bit of a sulk. He talked me down, I put on my leopard-print skirt, and we went to see it. And I fell in love. With a house. Finally. We decided to put in an offer, but having been disappointed several times, I kept my cool. I met the girls for a drink, we went for an incredible 4-course meal at Le Panaché in Hull and walked the 3km back downtown to head to Paul and Amber's for a lovely party. While there, we got THE CALL: They accepted our offer, no conditions, no haggling, no nothing - WE ARE HOMEOWNERS!!!! Needless to say, this was made so much more fun by the fact that we were surrounded by friends for all of this. We showed everyone the listing on Paul's rad tv, and made a few calls.

I had to go home and deal with it all on my own, it's a big commitment to make, not that I'm worried about it, but it's like the biggest shopping spree of your life! I just needed to put pen to paper and have my plan ready, since everything had happened so fast...

Sunday morning, I was up early, planning on how to eat all of our food before we move out on Nov 30, in order to not have to pack any of it...I then hit the Landsdowne market for some fresh local produce and beef, and headed to the Gatineaus for a hike with mom and dad. We did a very steep and difficult hike, but we didn't notice, since we were decorating the house as we hiked. It was a very good hike and beautiful outside! This was followed by a trip to La Cigale for the best pumpkin pie ice cream I've ever eaten and then we made big batches of veggie and meat chili to split and had a lovely dinner. We toasted the house, we ate crab legs and made horrible messes of ourselves, and we realized how sore our legs were!!!!

So, here it is. We take possession Dec 1. I love it so - the green was part of what attracted me - the whole retro 50s look and feel continues throughout the entire house. Laurin suggested white shutters on the big window, and I'm inclined to agree.


tara said...

Eeeeeeeeekkkkkk! That's SO exciting!!! Congrats on the big purchase! can't wait to see it!!!!!

Canadian in London said...

Hey! The place looks so fantastic. I can't wait to see it!

Abbey said...

I love it! So sweet and a lovely home! Can't wait to see what you do with it. Thanks for the link. I really appreicate it!