Friday, September 21, 2007

Take Back the Night!

and that we did. Women (and some men) of all shapes, sizes, ages, colours got together last night to march downtown Ottawa and take back the night. My friend Lori and I managed to finish our 10-year reunion party for our old job (we both worked there at the same time) and then headed over to hook up with the march.

While we were not necessarily dressed like everyone else (I was in a black wool skirt suit with ruffly blouse, and she in heels, black sateen trousers and a lovely grey drapey tneck), and someone actually asked us if "we were walking or actually marching" (even though she appeared to be moving her feet at the same speed as us), it was an amazing evening. Chanting, screaming, hooting and cheering, with tons of support from the people on the streets, it was really a great night to be a woman in Ottawa.

Which is nice, as it's been a really bad fall. There have been three reported sexual assaults/rapes since the beginning of September, one in a lab at Carleton University (my alma mater - everyone's so laid back there), and one of them in front of our PARLIAMENT buildings at 6:30PM!!!! This is Ottawa, and this is not common. It is really shocking, and very disconcerting.

Women unite! (With supportive men as well - this blog is about including people...and clothes)

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