Tuesday, September 18, 2007

sloppy joes?

yup, you heard it here first, i love sloppy joes! i had never had one until last night. Lb made them using this recipe, from the Martha Stewart Everyday Food cookbook. turns out that they are super delicious. on a big soft whole wheat kaiser, with a side salad of fresh spinach and grape tomatoes (all local!), it was the perfect monday night dinner.

he topped it off with attending the book lauch for frances itani's new book (on which i have dibs, will report back soon), and i headed out for coffee with siobhan and patricia, to discuss race strategy, as patricia's first half marathon is in two weeks. i treated myself to a spearmint tea and lemon square since i've been eating so well and running almost every single morning. sticking to my plans has its rewards, especially in the form of delicious bridgehead treats!!!

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tara said...

How is that possible??? They're delicious and wonderful!!! Even when not created with fancy martha stewart recipes.