Wednesday, September 12, 2007

a shiny, puffy...purse?

now, you all know how much i love kate spade. the designs, the whimsy, the wit...this is a company that can do no wrong as far as i'm concerned. however, this is the new winter "must have" bag and i'm a little skeptical about it.

while i love the photo, and i love the toques and gloves and warm wear associated with her cold weather collection, i'm unsure about this one. i'm going to have to let it sit with me for a while before i pass judgement either way. my initial reaction is that it must be a lot more fun to have a bag like this if you don't have to wear clothes that look like this all winter long b/c you live in canada... if you only wear a down vest and only occasionally, this would be a really fun purse. i'm thinking places like california, where uggs are again an accessory and not worn for their amazing warmth (which, incidentally, they are) with jeans and a turtleneck sweater, and a scarf, this would make a fun outfit.

but here? when winter already makes you feel like the stay-puffed marshmallow man and you're dying for something a little sleek or tailored? they might not be as much fun...

what do you think?

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