Wednesday, September 19, 2007

my wardrobe challenge

Dear internet,

Remember, once upon a time, a girl named Kaili wrote to you and said that she was going to try and not buy any new clothes this fall? Remember? Well, dear internet, please forget said statement.

Okay, I've cracked, but I'm not a lost cause. I set out not to buy anything, and in that sense, I failed. I bought more than zero. However, I would state that I consumed in a much more responsible and measured manner. So here, for your internet shaming pleasure, is my list of transgressions:

new "Essential" trouser jeans from the Gap (ps, they're great...a little heavy in the denim, but just super!)

Black "tiger of sweden" dress from trustfund (I love this dress to bits and will wear tons!)

Navy and black brocade blazer from Joe Fresh Style (blazers! $10!)
Checked tulip swing blazer from Joe Fresh Style (blazers! lined! $49!)

2 girly blouses from the Gap, with short sleeves and ruffles - so cute! (bought to complement existing stock of clothes)
3 "modern" v-neck sweaters from Joe Fresh (ditto)
4 undershirt tanks from Joe Fresh (these are actual necessities - I wear them under everything)

Shoes: (no excuse, I never need shoes. I just NEED shoes.)
Campers "Twins" bought at Gravity Pope in Vancouver
Brown flats with gold buckle from Joe Fresh

(i had this idea that just a couple of scarves would cover all of my wardrobe holes this fall. While I love them, this was not the case)
brown and white patterned scarf from BR
Grey crinkle scarf from Aritzia

Sheesh, that's a lot of stuff! Wow, I thought that I had only picked up a couple of things, until I actually thought about it!!!

And in the "bought and returned" pile:
- a pair of brown and gold rimless Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses
- the brown and silver kate spade purse i blogged about in August
- a checked dress with a 50s neckline from Joe Fresh.
- a whole shopping trip to Joe Fresh that I immediately realized was retail therapy, so I put the kibosh on it.

Oh well, no one's perfect. And although it is still consumption, I would argue that it is at least a semi-conscious consumption and no longer the conspicuous consumption I had practiced in previous years (lots of logo bags, all burberry accessories, etc...). Or whatever. Turns out, I really like to shop. Who knew?

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tara said...

I think I tried on that same checked Joe Fresh dress but it was sewn all weird and so the shoulders stuck up and the belt rippled. Cute dress though. I saw a girl at Cinefest wearing it and although it had the same sewing issues she was wearing it anyway. I guess I'm just picky...