Thursday, September 13, 2007

mmmmmm good...

LB made his first pot of soup this week. yes, i am lucky enough to have a husband who makes me a pot of soup every week during the fall and winter. he sometimes gets a little creative, like his mexican soup last year, but i like his chicken soup best. it's simple, he boils it twice to reduce the broth and concentrate the flavour as much as possible. when i eat it at lunch, it's like a hug.

yesterday, i was lucky enough to have my two favourite chicken soups in the same day. i had LB's for lunch, and then we had a big Rosh Hashannah dinner at his folks' place, and his aunt made her matzo ball soup...yummmmmy! we had such a big dinner - gefilte fish and chopped liver (or tomato if you're me, i've never been able to acquire a taste for either), matzo ball soup, brisket, meatballs, tsimmus, fresh green beans, round raisin and plain challah with honey (so that your year will be sweet, and round so that your year has no end) followed by honey cake, individual apple strudels, and fruit. i was so full and it was a fabulous evening, but LB had to take me home at 9:30 after all of that food. i'm just not used to it.

a run this morning followed by a bowl of shredded wheat has me feeling more like myself again. It's a crisp, clear autumn day in ottawa -- my favourite weather!

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