Friday, September 14, 2007

hockey night in canada!!!!

guess what? we're going to a hockey game tonight! i am such a canadian in that way - i love hockey and i don't care who knows it. i've tried to get into other sports, but they don't cut it for me. i'll play soccer, but watching it? not unless i'm at a pub and it's the world cup. baseball? snore. football? i can't even stand to watch the superbowl annually.

but hockey and i for some reason, we click. and it's a good thing, as i am married to a full-fledged hockey lunatic. not quite like david putty who paints his face when he and elaine go to a Rangers-Devils game, but ask LB a simple hockey questions and you are risking an endless recitation of stats and player comparisons and history. don't get me wrong, i am thrilled that he's so knowledgeable and passionate, it's just that i'm often the only one around (since there's just the two of us) and as such am privy to his rants. they work better in a group setting. but that aside, we both love hockey and we love to watch it together.

today, my administrative assistant gave me two tickets to our junior hockey team, the ottawa 67s, home opener game tonight. now unfortunately that meant having to reschedule dinner with jen and shaun - sorry again! - but i knew that i couldn't turn down the chance to get in on the hockey action this early in the season so we're off to the Civic Centre to cheer on the 67s. for your money, junior hockey is far more exciting than NHL games, and the fans are really into it and the concessions are far less expensive than in pro stadiums. which means a soft-serve ice cream for kaili!!!

now the only question is- do i bring my knitting?

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tara said...

I'd bring mine or else I'd be napping. No that's not true -- I'd be eating arena food.