Wednesday, September 19, 2007

guerrilla fashion

As you are likely aware, NY fashion week was last week with is endless string of shows, parties, celebs, oh my! My favourite by far is the guerrilla fashion show staged by those fabulously hip and witty people over at Jack Spade. I love the way they bring in random people and get them to walk the runway, you can tell that some men really get into it, and then there's the guy who continues to read his document while carrying the briefcase with his free hand. Style does not live in elaborate tents with celebs lined up in the front row. style is in you.

ps - didn't you kind of secretly hope that I had found a gorilla fashion show to share with you? I know that I did, as soon as I typed it...that would have been one heck of a video!!!

UPDATE: I actually tried to find some gorilla fashion or gorilla style in Google Images, but to no avail. I do apologise, but I really can't stop laughing at the thought of it. I wish that such a thing existed. I was even going to write a post about how messenger bags were big for gorillas this year, as it is an efficient way to carry lots of bananas and still work your gorilla thang, and how rings might be the perfect gorilla jewellery. but without the pictures, it just doesn't work. I guess it's not quite like all of those puppy and kitty calendars where they have clothes/costumes. I hate those becuase I think that they're mean. Yet I like the gorilla? I don't know...I've had two cookies. I blame it on the sugar.

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