Thursday, September 13, 2007

good music everywhere!

today is a good day. i bought a lot of tickets to shows today. i am so excited!

on monday, october 22, we are going to montreal to see the new pornographers with our friends andrew and simon. although it kind of sucks to have to drive to montreal on a school night and all, once i found out that the one and only neko case was actually touring with the NPs, that sealed the deal for me. i have seen neko several times on her own, and the NPs twice without neko, so this is going to be off the hook! the new NP record, Challengers, is in stores now and it is awesome.

and the most exciting part of my day today was the purchase of five tickets to the weakerthans show here on sunday, november 4. the weakerthans are quite possibly my all-time favourite band. i love them so. they make me cry, they make me laugh, they make me dance, they make me want to sing and shout. when LB and i got married, our first dance was to one of their songs, my favourite chords. i saw their first show ever in ottawa over 10 years ago (the upstairs club, july 1997, opening for Avail) and i have never missed one since. we've driven to toronto and montreal to see them on more than one occasion. they are worth every minute. their new record, reunion tour, will be in stores early october. they have released a few online mp3s on the epitaph site and they sound very promising.

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