Wednesday, September 19, 2007

favourite cookbook right now

I love cookbooks. I love the recipes, the pictures, the fabulous meals they promise if only I'd use some new ones and stop recycling the same old same old... At present, I'm really loving the Everyday Food cookbook, put out by the good folks at Martha Stewart's Everyday Food magazine. LB bought me this cookbook at Costco at the start of the summer, and while I used it for a few things over the summer, including a delish melon-mozzarella-mint salad and a ginger-blackberry trifle. Now that fall is upon us and I am no longer resisting my nesting urges (and the weather is cool enough to want to cook big meals), I busted it out and have been making all kinds of fabulous meals, some of which I've posted about. I really like the recipes, the fact that they are all essentially 30-minute recipes, but mostly, I love the seasonal aspect of this cookbook. It's divided into the four seasons, so there's a chance that you can find everything you need fresh and in season at your local farmers' market. (especially for those of you in more temperate climates).

Last night we made orange and beef stirfry, and it was a winner. I would however suggest that you add chili flakes to it in order to spice it up - it's a bit bland.

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